Thirty Two or Thirty Three??

Happy Birthday

It’s that time of the year again, it is my birthday. But there is something special this year 🙂  32 years ago I was born on 11 Dec or according to the Hijri calendar 21st of Muharram. This year 21 Muharram falls on 15 December 2011.

That is what is so special about this year 🙂 I will have two birthdays in a week, I will also turn both 32 according to the Gregorian calendar and 33 according to the Hijri calendar. Now that would be a memorable birth week, wouldn’t it?

Also memorable this birthday is the fact that I am also celebrating with the addition of a new family member, my little boy Faiq, who is also celebrating another milestone in his life, just a few days back he had his first few steps 🙂 TM also had the courtesy to get my telephone line installed today, on my birthday 🙂 Seems I’m of to a good start for my birthday week 🙂

Adieu :rose:

p/s: Thank you to everyone who wished me all the good things under the sun, may all your wishes come true 🙂

Ahmad Faiq Amri

Alhamdulillah, praise to god, my son has finally decided to come out into the world. The EDD was actually on 2nd March, but had been delayed.

Signs of labor started on Friday the 4th morning, via a bloody discharge, then wife started to have her contractions towards noon. But the contractions were on and off so we delayed going to the hospital, even called and checked with wife’s doctor and she concurred we dont need to hurry. the contractions continued to be on and off for the rest of the day until it subsided late afternoon.

Contractions started again at around 11pm, this time stronger and stronger, got out of the house at around 2 and arrived 15 minutes later at KBMC. Waited a bit for the doctor to arrive, then around 3.30 actual labour started, and finally at 3.56am, 5th March 2011 our little boy arrived into this world. Weighing at 3.8kg just a little bit heavier than the sister.

The name of our wonderful little bundle is unofficially Ahmad Faiq Amri. Need to wait for a day or so to go to the Registration Department to get it official. 🙂


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Thirty One, It’s Official

Happy Birthday Cake
Happy 31st Birthday

Celebrated my birthday a few days ago in a quiet manner with my family, no fancy dinner or anything, instead the day was spent going around KB hunting down a toner for my printer which suddenly it

seems that everyone ran out of stock.

Even the dinner was done in a hurry, was just a quick grab of a dinner plate from KFC on the way home to Machang.

Nicest part of the day was the presents from my wife which was two batik shirts, which she gave and claim it was because she was tired of seeing me wear the same old batik to work. 🙂 Lovely presents which should last a few years at least :p Unless I grow???

Anyway the year in retrospect have been a good one for me, I have at least achieve something in life even if it’s just an “MA”, which tonnes of ppl already have. Who knows might even be brave or crazy enough to do it once again to get a “Dr”.

Overall it is a good year and I’m happy to add another year to my age, hopefully with age I grow wiser and more patient.

Adieu 🙂

Alya Is One

My sweet little angel is now one year old 🙂 Her achievements this year includes walking at 9 1/2 months… climbing the chairs at 11….
We had a small get together on 29th to celebrate her birthday… did it in advance due to the fact that my B.I.L was at home just for the weekend. We had a small cake for her.
The main dish however was Laksa and Laksam, with choice of gravy either Penang of Kelantan…. Invited only my immediate family members… as the rule was to keep the guests to a minimum…. Alya was quiet the whole day… and at the end was having some tantrums. Perhaps due to her being tired…. the whole affair kept her awake too long and she likes her naps 🙂
All in all it was fun seeing family members and celebrating her birthday in one go 🙂
Adieu :rose:
*pictures are unfortunately mostly on FB 🙂

Lost In The Jungles Of Thought

It has been quite a while since I wrote anything on the blog. For one thing, my life has been very hectic. Can’t think of a time when I have less me time than this year.
The meeting/briefing/courses have also been unrelenting plus crazily last minutes. For instance I was called on 19th at 6pm telling me that I have to check in by 2 on 20th. It was a short course for new data teachers. Baru la sangat, been in this position for almost 6 month already. On 21st I pushed back to G.M as the wife and kid are still there. Bloody tiring, but can’t help it; it is my job right.
Work at school has also been crazy. I used to be given a week to complete the school schedule, but recently I’ll be given one or two days to complete. That really tires me. Lucky I have access to my wife’s computer which is definitely faster than my own laptop. Being tired of always borrowing her lappy, I bought a new one. Cheap one actually but with bigger rams and faster processor than my old laptop and even my wife’s. So that should speed up the schedule compilation process.
On another note, Alya is one week away from her first birthday… yay!!!! Suppose to have some makan-makan, but the plan is not concrete yet.
So many things to put into words, but so long ago that most of them has passed me by. I guess till next time 🙂
Adieu :devil:

A Year Younger A Day Older

Alhamdulillah, it’s my birthday again 🙂 Thank you for all the wishes, either thru FB, YM, SMS and definitely IRL wishes 🙂
This year has definitely been something, from being a husband to a dad in mere months 🙂 I accept the responsibility gladly, if not gracefully :p Also had to juggle between work and home, having to teach PMR (English) and SPM (Biology) in the same year have been a challenge. Made more friends, met new people, and also was given more responsibility both at work and at home.
Tiring? Yes. Worth it? Definitely! 😀 Hopes that in this year to come I have more to show for my age 😉 I do have something cooking, but it will not realize itself this year, next year… perhaps 😀
Thanks to everyone who have made this year of my life most enjoyable.
Adieu :devil:

Magic Number 27

It is that time of year again, time for me to reflect a year added to my life, a year added to my age. What have I achieved this 2006? Truly I can’t say much, except that I have reaped the rewards of my toil in 2005. Might I say that this year I can hold my head up high, because I have partially redeemed my wayward ways of yesteryears.
This year also means that I am truly a civil servant, here to serve the masses. This year, I worked hard, harder than most years in my life. Mostly for my self, for that inner satisfaction. Just so that I know, I can do anything that I will myself to. This year I made a promise to do everything as they should be done, and I’m glad that I have done what I could if not the best of my capabilities.
This year has truly been satisfying. Words will never be enough to explain everything, and some things are meant to never be spoken/written. It is high time that I reward myself for a job well done, but hmmm, it seems I can’t make up my mind. Perhaps I will take it slow, and truly peruse what I should get. A watch would be nice, as I haven’t wore one for a full year now (good excuse for being late). I have been eyeing a certain Casio Protrek PRG-80YT watch for months now. But a handphone would be good too, to replace my ailing O2 Mini, perhaps I will truly get the desirable Dopod D810. But money is always the barrier, between want and need. But is it?
Adieu :devil:

Breaching The Quarter Century Mark

In just a few hours, 2.30AM actually, I will officially be 26 years old according to my birth certificate. For most of my life, my birthday night is the time that I would actually try to be alone and reflect on what I have achieved. The exception would be the party with my batchmates at USM, the only time I wasn’t alone.
Let’s have a look back into my past, what have I achieved in this past 26 odd years. Generally there was nothing special about me. I never went to any nursery, but instead I went to a kindergarten at SK Lemal at the age of 5. After that I sort of hang around my mom’s school when I was six. At 7 I enrolled in the same school as my sister, SRK Sultan Ibrahim Satu. The premier school of a sort at that time. Spent a few fun years there. I didn’t do well for my UPSR though, for which I was told by my father to walk back home by myself. It was the first time ever that I had to walk some 3 km from the school to my house. It was an experience and it told me that my father would not tolerate failure from me.
Then I was sent off to an arabic medium school. SM Ugama Arab Pasir Mas to be exact. The only time in my life that I remember that I can speak 3 languages. Then disuse caused a memory relapse. I did quite ok for my PMR, shared the top spot with 17 other friends from my school. Even got a few invitation to award ceremonies. Then I went off to a boarding school, there I met great people, got a few best friends. It was there also that I was sent off to Japan to attend the ISS (International Science School) at Tokyo Univ. It made me so proud that I flunked my SPM. Which to my surprise, my parents took it quite well. :p
Luckily I still managed to get into matriculation at Kolej Mara Kulim, there I almost flunked myself again, all because I let myself fall in love with a girl. But I survived the ordeal, managed to get myself to USM. Although I didn’t get the course that my mom really wanted me to take up, that is medicine. Which was lucky coz I don’t have the aptitude to be a doctor. But I did get my 2nd choice that is Applied Biology, though I did want to change my course into Computer Sc, but never did follow through that idea. For five years I struggled with my studies, extending my study for 2 years where I should have finished my course in 3 years time. But I did enjoy myself learning to juggle my studies with my active university life, what with participating in programmes organized by the univ and taking up posts in 2 society. One was the Persatuan Mahasiswa Pahang, which sounded weird to some ppl because I was from Kelantan 🙂 The other being the Pembimbing Rakan Sebaya, a stint that was short lived because I don’t see them having activities that were beneficial to ppl at all. During all that I was also taking up part time jobs, helping lecturers with their research or taking care of a cyber cafe for a friend or being a temporary teacher.
I guess all that enriched my university experience unlike most other ppl who just breezed thru univ. After 5 long years I finally graduated with an honours degree in Aquatic Biology. Then while waiting around for my convocation, the school that I used to be a temporary teacher called me in to fill in a post. That sort of cemented me in the education world. Having had some experience that caused me to be determined to become a better teacher I applied for KPLI. And that’s where I was the whole of 2005, studying to become a teacher at MPIK (Maktab Perguruan Ilmu Khas).
Eventhough I believe that my 26 years could have been better but I would never have changed one bit of it. Because, I believe it is all those experience that has caused me to become who I am today, and eventhough I have not come far in this world I am still proud of myself 🙂
Now let us see what the next quarter of century will hold for me 🙂
Adieu :devil:

Kenyang Gila

Burpppsss, kenyang gila…. lama gila dah tak melantak sesuka hati 😮 Keluar ngan bebudak archi tadi, gi makan kat satu kedai ikan bakar, masakan dia boleh tahan la jugak. Cuma ikan bakar yang satu tu rasa kureng sket, cam ikan sangkar jer. Yang ikan masak 3 rasa tu memang dah ok sangat dah.
Bebudak ni semua makan cam org kebulur tadi (termasuk aku) … memang style makan cam dah 4 hari tak jumpa nasi. (dah la ada sorang tu nama panggilan nyer :monkey: ) Laju jer semua ekekekek. Sampai ada sorang tu tak sempat sentuh pun sayur kangkung tetiba jer dah abis… Aku pun tak sempat nak merasa sangat tomyam.. tetiba jer mangkuk tomyam jadi tempat letak tulang ikan…
Aku plak dok asyik mengorder sotong goreng tepung… nyam-nyam sedap sungguh. seb baik la terasa nak balik kalau tidak aku rasa order lagi satu pinggan sotong goreng tu. Huhu… kawan-kawan esok gi makan sotong goreng lagi jom.. tp sotong goreng jer la.. bwahhahaha
Ok dah la tu merapu perut pon cam sendat lagi… elok la aku berehat seketika….
:rose: Adieu

Reflections In My Mind

Spent almost half of the day today in quiet reflections. It was very refreshing, trying to look back to what I’ve achieved this year. December is always a time of reflection for me. A month that I call my moody month 🙂 Felt rather weird and bad this year… because I’ve achieved nothing of significance this year.
Caused tons of problem :p Neglected a few important persons in my life. Maybe there is still time to mend the relationship maybe not. But for now, being alone is what I want. :rolleyes: Got a few calls last night and made a few calls 🙂 Thanks to those ppl for understanding.
Anyway, I watched The Last Samurai. It was superb, at least to me. It was pitiful though coz I sometimes couldn’t hear what they was saying., blame the stupid CD. But the conversations and the thoughts presented in the movies was refreshing and provided insight and also gave some reason for my brain to be working 🙂 Highly recommended 😀
I have a luau tonight, still in planning though. Wonder where we will end up having our dinner. Is it some cheesy fast food restaurant again or somewhere more mundane 🙂 We will have to wait and see…
:rose: Adieu