A Year Younger A Day Older

Alhamdulillah, it’s my birthday again Smile Thank you for all the wishes, either thru FB, YM, SMS and definitely IRL wishes Smile
This year has definitely been something, from being a husband to a dad in mere months Smile I accept the responsibility gladly, if not gracefully Razz Also had to juggle between work and home, having to teach PMR (English) and SPM (Biology) in the same year have been a challenge. Made more friends, met new people, and also was given more responsibility both at work and at home.
Tiring? Yes. Worth it? Definitely! Grin Hopes that in this year to come I have more to show for my age Wink I do have something cooking, but it will not realize itself this year, next year… perhaps Grin
Thanks to everyone who have made this year of my life most enjoyable.
Adieu Devil

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