A Year Younger A Day Older

Alhamdulillah, it’s my birthday again 🙂 Thank you for all the wishes, either thru FB, YM, SMS and definitely IRL wishes 🙂
This year has definitely been something, from being a husband to a dad in mere months 🙂 I accept the responsibility gladly, if not gracefully :p Also had to juggle between work and home, having to teach PMR (English) and SPM (Biology) in the same year have been a challenge. Made more friends, met new people, and also was given more responsibility both at work and at home.
Tiring? Yes. Worth it? Definitely! 😀 Hopes that in this year to come I have more to show for my age 😉 I do have something cooking, but it will not realize itself this year, next year… perhaps 😀
Thanks to everyone who have made this year of my life most enjoyable.
Adieu :devil:

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