Reflections In My Mind

Spent almost half of the day today in quiet reflections. It was very refreshing, trying to look back to what I’ve achieved this year. December is always a time of reflection for me. A month that I call my moody month 🙂 Felt rather weird and bad this year… because I’ve achieved nothing of significance this year.
Caused tons of problem :p Neglected a few important persons in my life. Maybe there is still time to mend the relationship maybe not. But for now, being alone is what I want. :rolleyes: Got a few calls last night and made a few calls 🙂 Thanks to those ppl for understanding.
Anyway, I watched The Last Samurai. It was superb, at least to me. It was pitiful though coz I sometimes couldn’t hear what they was saying., blame the stupid CD. But the conversations and the thoughts presented in the movies was refreshing and provided insight and also gave some reason for my brain to be working 🙂 Highly recommended 😀
I have a luau tonight, still in planning though. Wonder where we will end up having our dinner. Is it some cheesy fast food restaurant again or somewhere more mundane 🙂 We will have to wait and see…
:rose: Adieu

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