Magic Number 27

It is that time of year again, time for me to reflect a year added to my life, a year added to my age. What have I achieved this 2006? Truly I can’t say much, except that I have reaped the rewards of my toil in 2005. Might I say that this year I can hold my head up high, because I have partially redeemed my wayward ways of yesteryears.
This year also means that I am truly a civil servant, here to serve the masses. This year, I worked hard, harder than most years in my life. Mostly for my self, for that inner satisfaction. Just so that I know, I can do anything that I will myself to. This year I made a promise to do everything as they should be done, and I’m glad that I have done what I could if not the best of my capabilities.
This year has truly been satisfying. Words will never be enough to explain everything, and some things are meant to never be spoken/written. It is high time that I reward myself for a job well done, but hmmm, it seems I can’t make up my mind. Perhaps I will take it slow, and truly peruse what I should get. A watch would be nice, as I haven’t wore one for a full year now (good excuse for being late). I have been eyeing a certain Casio Protrek PRG-80YT watch for months now. But a handphone would be good too, to replace my ailing O2 Mini, perhaps I will truly get the desirable Dopod D810. But money is always the barrier, between want and need. But is it?
Adieu :devil:

3 thoughts on “Magic Number 27

  1. Sometimes we have to reward ourselves for all the hard work we accomplished. Simply because we deserve it.
    Happy Birthday Encik Karlbum… may this year and the following years to come shower you with His blessings and rahmat 🙂

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