6 Weird Things About Me

A few weeks ago I was tagged by naz seems she wants to know my weird habits :p So here goes.
1. I watch movies like I read books, I like to pause then go eat, toilet, etcetera then unpause and continue watching where I left it off. This is why I seldom watch movies with other people except if its on the telly or in the cinema. :rolleyes:
2. I still watch movies like I read books, which is why I can watch 2 or 3 movies at the same time. Owing to my luck having a laptop n a desktop which could be turned on and showing 2 diff movies :p

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Breaching The Quarter Century Mark

In just a few hours, 2.30AM actually, I will officially be 26 years old according to my birth certificate. For most of my life, my birthday night is the time that I would actually try to be alone and reflect on what I have achieved. The exception would be the party with my batchmates at USM, the only time I wasn’t alone.
Let’s have a look back into my past, what have I achieved in this past 26 odd years. Generally there was nothing special about me. I never went to any nursery, but instead I went to a kindergarten at SK Lemal at the age of 5. After that I sort of hang around my mom’s school when I was six. At 7 I enrolled in the same school as my sister, SRK Sultan Ibrahim Satu. The premier school of a sort at that time. Spent a few fun years there. I didn’t do well for my UPSR though, for which I was told by my father to walk back home by myself. It was the first time ever that I had to walk some 3 km from the school to my house. It was an experience and it told me that my father would not tolerate failure from me.
Then I was sent off to an arabic medium school. SM Ugama Arab Pasir Mas to be exact. The only time in my life that I remember that I can speak 3 languages. Then disuse caused a memory relapse. I did quite ok for my PMR, shared the top spot with 17 other friends from my school. Even got a few invitation to award ceremonies. Then I went off to a boarding school, there I met great people, got a few best friends. It was there also that I was sent off to Japan to attend the ISS (International Science School) at Tokyo Univ. It made me so proud that I flunked my SPM. Which to my surprise, my parents took it quite well. :p
Luckily I still managed to get into matriculation at Kolej Mara Kulim, there I almost flunked myself again, all because I let myself fall in love with a girl. But I survived the ordeal, managed to get myself to USM. Although I didn’t get the course that my mom really wanted me to take up, that is medicine. Which was lucky coz I don’t have the aptitude to be a doctor. But I did get my 2nd choice that is Applied Biology, though I did want to change my course into Computer Sc, but never did follow through that idea. For five years I struggled with my studies, extending my study for 2 years where I should have finished my course in 3 years time. But I did enjoy myself learning to juggle my studies with my active university life, what with participating in programmes organized by the univ and taking up posts in 2 society. One was the Persatuan Mahasiswa Pahang, which sounded weird to some ppl because I was from Kelantan 🙂 The other being the Pembimbing Rakan Sebaya, a stint that was short lived because I don’t see them having activities that were beneficial to ppl at all. During all that I was also taking up part time jobs, helping lecturers with their research or taking care of a cyber cafe for a friend or being a temporary teacher.
I guess all that enriched my university experience unlike most other ppl who just breezed thru univ. After 5 long years I finally graduated with an honours degree in Aquatic Biology. Then while waiting around for my convocation, the school that I used to be a temporary teacher called me in to fill in a post. That sort of cemented me in the education world. Having had some experience that caused me to be determined to become a better teacher I applied for KPLI. And that’s where I was the whole of 2005, studying to become a teacher at MPIK (Maktab Perguruan Ilmu Khas).
Eventhough I believe that my 26 years could have been better but I would never have changed one bit of it. Because, I believe it is all those experience that has caused me to become who I am today, and eventhough I have not come far in this world I am still proud of myself 🙂
Now let us see what the next quarter of century will hold for me 🙂
Adieu :devil:

Why Are You Here?

Warning : If you are caught using my writing as a basis for your Pernyataan Hasrat, don’t blame me if you don’t get into the course. Get a valid reason or else drop the idea of being a teacher at all!
Why are you here? why did you join up? why do you want to be a teacher?
Those are among the questions that will be asked during the interview and later on by your lecturers. Trust me when I say that the interviewers are much more forgiving when it comes to you giving stupid answers as they are just going to fail you with a smile (yes the interviewers usually smile all the way through the interview which is unnerving.)
The lecturers on the other hand are not as forgiving, cut the crap of serving your nation (berkhidmat utk bangsa agama dan negara). Most of them will smile and afterward bang u real hard for trying to lie to them. Don’t tell them u really believe in serving, they know you are actually lying and it is actually because of the perks a teacher will get. Just tell them the truth and u might get out of it unscathed.

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Reflections In My Mind

Spent almost half of the day today in quiet reflections. It was very refreshing, trying to look back to what I’ve achieved this year. December is always a time of reflection for me. A month that I call my moody month 🙂 Felt rather weird and bad this year… because I’ve achieved nothing of significance this year.
Caused tons of problem :p Neglected a few important persons in my life. Maybe there is still time to mend the relationship maybe not. But for now, being alone is what I want. :rolleyes: Got a few calls last night and made a few calls 🙂 Thanks to those ppl for understanding.
Anyway, I watched The Last Samurai. It was superb, at least to me. It was pitiful though coz I sometimes couldn’t hear what they was saying., blame the stupid CD. But the conversations and the thoughts presented in the movies was refreshing and provided insight and also gave some reason for my brain to be working 🙂 Highly recommended 😀
I have a luau tonight, still in planning though. Wonder where we will end up having our dinner. Is it some cheesy fast food restaurant again or somewhere more mundane 🙂 We will have to wait and see…
:rose: Adieu

Feels So Happy

I’ve just arrived from Transkerian….. after staying there for a day and a half.. it was fun.. got to meet some ppl.. although not that many… got reconnected with some ppl whom i thought would have forgotten me by now… the simplest example would be… “eh Rahman… ingatkan saper” ahahahahha.. feels so good….
And the true reason that I feel so delighted is that a poem of mine… Staring At The Cloudless Sky(revised) is now in the finals for a poetry competition at poetry.com and it is guaranteed a place in a poem anthology… heheh gonna go and get a friend of mine in the us to buy that book for me…
Btw some of u might have heard that I did a pretty crazy thing at uptown on sunday night… ekkekeke ok here’s the short version….. Me and my best friend shared a plate of chicken chop… it was no typical sharing… I hold the fork.. he got the knife… he cuts and then I fed him…. next he cuts again and then this time I eat.. and we did that all in front of 2 of our lady friends.. who couldnt cease to be amazed at how crazy we are sometimes .. ekekekek :p ok la… more anecdotes will come on later as I remember them.. for now I’m just gonna be happy wooohooooo