6 Weird Things About Me

A few weeks ago I was tagged by naz seems she wants to know my weird habits :p So here goes.
1. I watch movies like I read books, I like to pause then go eat, toilet, etcetera then unpause and continue watching where I left it off. This is why I seldom watch movies with other people except if its on the telly or in the cinema. :rolleyes:
2. I still watch movies like I read books, which is why I can watch 2 or 3 movies at the same time. Owing to my luck having a laptop n a desktop which could be turned on and showing 2 diff movies :p

3. I like my computers turned on even if I’m asleep or even if I only need one to do my work. Currently I have my desktop turned on and downloading anime and using my laptop to write this entry. :think:
4. I have a bit of attention deficit disorder (ADD), which is why I quickly lose interest in a project or hobby then I need to find a new project or hobby. Which can best explains why I have too many hobbies. New to old hobbies RC Helicopter, GPS, Poetry, Photography, Keychains, Computers, Cycling, Books. (forgot about the others) Seems the only hobby that I still like is books, cause after I finish a book I can always start on a new one. :dance:
5. I am somewhat of a rain magnet, whenever I decide to give my car a bit of a wash, the sky would suddenly turn to gray and rains. Sometimes if I think about it hard enough (washing car part) it still would rain. :confused:
6. I also noticed that whenever I go into an almost empty shop/restaurant, then it would somehow get crowded. Pakai tangkal tarik pelanggan ke aku nih? But then this happens with my mom as well, which is why my uncle likes it when my mum decides to give his shop a visit. 😮
So that is what I consider to be weird, if u want to remind me of my other weirdness please feel free to do so in the comments. 🙂

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