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27 April 2020

The End Is Nigh?

A lot of people have intuited that in the future we will be forced to live indoors, it spawned generations of preppers. The reason for it have all seemed to be along the lines of war, man made catastrophes. Some have pitched biological warfares. Now it seems the reason would be a pandemic. Not so exciting as a zombie apocalypse, but it certainly is dangerous […]

25 February 2015

Think Tank Meeting 2015

Was invited to the English Co-Academic Activities Think Tank Meeting couple of week back. As a result I attended a day long meeting. Main agenda of our meeting today was to discuss the concept paper of Poetry Recitation and Scrabble competition. Specifically to include the secondary schools in the competition. After going over the concept paper back and forth so many times we finally came […]

3 June 2014

Format Pentaksiran Tingkatan 3

Finally after months of waiting the official format for PT3 is here. I can only comment on the English paper format. It is almost the same as the one leaked previously. Except with a few twist. For one thing, the sample for section B which is information transfer is easier for the student versus the leaked sample. As it follows what is usually is in […]

26 January 2009

Happy Chinese New Year 2009

Happy Chinese New Year to everybody, celebrating or not. Me I’m just enjoying the extra long holiday. Malaysians are crazy about holiday. There are 100++ days that Malaysian do not work. So how are we going to achieve that developed country status if we love holidays that much. A question to ponder on I suppose :p One thing that I hate about this type of […]

31 August 2008

51st National Day

Today is our nation’s 51st national day, yes I prefer the word national day as opposed to “independence”. Why? First of all I truly believe we have not even one bit loosen the shackles that was left by our colonizer. Our minds and our lifestyle is still tied to the old ways as dictated by them. Second one is, because Malaysia was only born years […]

12 October 2006

The University Feedback

An issue has been highlighted recently by our media, this concerned our PM wanting feedbacks from Malaysian that have studied oversea and what they saw there that could be applied to our university and improve it further. This is somehow related to the concern that our universities are not favourably ranked by the world. Our ranks usually starts in the hundreds and usually UM our […]

16 June 2005

Why Are You Here?

Warning : If you are caught using my writing as a basis for your Pernyataan Hasrat, don’t blame me if you don’t get into the course. Get a valid reason or else drop the idea of being a teacher at all! Why are you here? why did you join up? why do you want to be a teacher? Those are among the questions that will […]

30 March 2005

Decisions, Where Do I Want To Go?

Most people after knowing that I’m about to become a teacher would ask some of these questions, “Why did I want to become a teacher?” sometimes more specific “Why did I choose to become an english teacher instead of a biology teacher?” or the inevitable, “Where are you going to ask for your posting?” The question that I’d like to highlight is ‘where’. My answer […]

27 February 2005

The Trek To Gunung Nuang

For the past few weeks, I’ve been trying to write something about my time over here in Cheras. Wanting to tell every bit of detail that happened in my life. But somehow, I couldn’t find the right word. Nor the right sentence to start the story. For now, I’ve still not found the right sentence to start the story. But the story telling will continue […]