The Traveller

I am a traveller on a journey,
A journey of knowledge,
On a path to fill this thirst.

O lonely rocks,
Do you not wish to traverse the world?
Enjoying sights unknown.

Join me!
Let’s walk together on this journey,
A journey full of wonders.

Voyage of enlightenment,
A never ending quest,
A purpose to fill.

We Teach

~We teach
  because there is a great fulfillment that comes 
  in working with boys
  and girls.
~We teach
  because We wanted to be sculptors,
  and We can do so,
  by shaping lives for the future.
~We teach
  because We wanted to be artists,
  and We can do so,
  by painting dreams for children.
~We teach
  because We wanted to be musicians,
  and We can,
  in giving inspiration to children.
~We teach
  because We wanted to be historians,
  and We can 
  in having recorded something
  for the lives of great men to come.
~We teach
  because We wanted to be poets,
  and We can
  in writing impressive passages of mankind.
~We teach
  because of the reward
  We receive when a child's frown turns to smiles,
  or when he/she says, "Now We understand."
~We teach
  because of the personal growth We receive each day
  as  We venture out on a quest
  for knowledge and techniques
  to help our students understand.
~We teach
  for it is in this where We can see the worthwhile
  and true fulfillment of living.

Originally a poem entitled “I teach” , was done as a choral speech during my KPLI days. Credit to the original poet.

Moving On

I need to move on,
not because moving is required of me,  but because still water becomes stagnant,
a rock unturned collects moss… 

I need to move on,
not because moving is forced upon me,  but because time doesn’t stand still,
the universe never tires.. 

I need to move on,
because the centaur is ever restless….

ToT2014: Art of Poetry Session

Last few days, I went for a ToT course in KL. Had the opportunity to meet my lecturer from MPIK, Ms Shobha. She showed us how poetry can be fun for our students. Via a number of activities, student can come to enjoy and learn how to create poems. One of the activities that we focused on was Chain Poem, similar to chain writing, we started with a central theme. Then the first person comes up with a line, a simple one; then the next person continues, adding another line. At the end of the exercise we came out with several beautiful poems.

I took some pictures and you can have a look at them using the link below.


Patience Is A Virtue

A Patient Spider
A Patient Spider


We wait and we reap,
what we sow in heaps;
for patience is a virtue,
that pays and it is true.

Anak Kecil Berlari-lari

Anak kecil berlari-lari,
Riang, gembira, sambil tertawa,
Indah sungguh ibu pertiwi,
Aman, damai, sentiasa.
Nun jauh di sana,
Anak kecil berlari-lari,
Sedih, berlinangan air mata,
Berlari, menyelamatkan diri.
Tidakkah kau lihat wahai kawan,
Bumi bertuah, hijau melata,
Syukurlah diri wahai kawan,
Bumi bertuah, milik kita.
Nun jauh disana,
Buminya masih berlinangan air mata,
Darah merah, segar mengalir,
Anak kecil menangis kesepian,
Mencari-cari, erti kehilangan.
Tanah mereka diceroboh,
Mereka dipermain-mainkan,
Pertiwi dilanyak, diroboh,
Dimana ertinya kemerdekaan.
Indah sungguh ibu pertiwi,
Aman, damai, sentiasa,
Erti merdeka penuh dihati,
Marilah kita menghayatinya,
Luahkanlah perasaan hati,
Launglah merdeka sekuat hati,
Merdeka… Merdeka….. Merdeka…
p/s: Sajak ini dideklamasikan sempena pelancaran bulan kemerdekaan peringkat sekolah pd 17/08/06

Kala Fajar Menyinsing

Kala bulan terpaku sayu di puncak rumbia,
Kala aku termanggu sepi di ulit angin;
Kala awan terpinggir lemah di tepi rimba,
Kala aku geletar sejuk di hambat angin.
Kala yang tinggal hanya desiran bayu,
Kala yang pasti hanya bunyian segar;
kala dia masih lagi menyepi sayu,
kala belum ada yang ingin menyinar.
Kala itu aku masih termanggu sepi,
Kala itu aku masih menantikan sidik,
Kala itu masih tersorok paras diri,
Kala itu pasti tamat dengan tertib.
p/s: Sajak yang ditulis sebagai pelengkap ayat “kala bulan terpaku sayu di puncak rumbia” yang tertera di status YM :p

My Tired Heart

The cloud billows,
The sail unfurls,
My heart is full,
Full of sorrow.
The bird chirps,
The stream gurgles,
My heart struggles,
Struggling to work.
The wind blows,
The eagle careened,
My heart is tired,
Overworked and slow.
The flowers so vain,
The bees racing,
My heart is raging,
Racing to fill my veins.
The winter is staved,
The summer remained,
My heart is tensed,
Hypertension followed.
Note: My sis a.k.a my doctor is getting restless, I have high blood pressure 150/95… too high… My family has a history of heart problems. Have just got back from the clinic to check my lipid profile (to check my cholesterol level). They are trying to check the cause of my young hypertension. I will have to go to a specialist once I get back to kelantan.

If Virtues

If silence is gold.
Why can we never hold,
ourselves in silence,
nor have the patience.
If patience is virtue.
Why don’t we have the virtue,
to just stay in file,
or just work till five.
If honesty is the best policy.
Why can’t we ever see
a person who is so true,
he’ll tell a lie when he turns blue.

Sonnet 17 and 3 Quarters

Shall I compare thee to a summer’s bray?
Thou art more ugly and more desperate.
Rough winds do shake the fleas of May,
And summer fortunately hath to short a blind date;
Sometime the eye of heaven shall not shine,
And often is his cold complexion dirtied;
And every fur from furs so bovine,
By chance, and nature’s crazy course, untrimm’d;
But thy equine summer shall not fade,
Nor keep possession of the furs thou ow’st;
Nor shall Death want thou wand’rest in his shade,
When with swine thou shall stay’st.
So long as men can breathe, or eyes can see,
So long lives this, and this gives fear to thee.
*note: my lecturer said something about this being sacrilegious :p