The 5 Cents Story

Dear KFC Malaysia, Burger King Malaysia, McDonald Malaysia, Kenny Rogers Malaysia, and all other chain restaurants.

What is your SOP when your cashier doesn’t have the exact change in the register? What should they do?
Because for as long as I can remember when dealing with unavailability/shortage of 5 cents. They chose to keep quiet and instead short change me.

When confronted, they either make a shocked face (too many times) then produce the 5 cents.. or even give me extra 10 sen because they truly don’t have the 5 cents in the register. when asked what is they problem. they say it’s no fault of their own, its the bank. The bank can’t provide 5 cents to them.

All i can suggest is, change your pricing structure if you just cant get the 5 cents. Because truly its sounds so stupid, you make a tonne of profit but cant give your customer 5 cents? discount your customer the 5 cents if you have to.

Reposted to FB and forwarded via contact forms of the relevant companies.

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