Supermoon 2016

Was excited about the supermoon today as most ppl would be, but more important errands had to be done and i was only able to take pictures of it at 9.30pm.. almost at the end of it and that was after the heavy cloud subsided. So after taking 75 photos of it, this is the only 1 that is good enough. Till we meet again in 18 years.

supermoon 2016

GPS Craze, Again!

Had a whole episode of gps craze when I was in Jerek, mainly due to my obsession of thinking of places to travel to. Contributed some tracklogs to malsingmaps and then masmaps, then it went down a notch especially after I got married and the split of malsingmaps to malfreemaps.
Now its back up again, but in another form. Now at my current school, I’m the go-to guy if u want to ask anything about GPS. My colleague at school bought a new gps unit by the name of Lark, it came with iGO installed but the seller told him that it could also use garmin. So I was left with the task of finding out how to install it, after 3 days of tinkering with it, I have managed to make Garmin run on it, but the way to turn it on is still not ideal as there is too many steps to turn it on. What would be cool if turning it on only involves one button!
So that’s my latest craze, and it only have fueled me to again get my dream gadget, a CarPC….
So till next time, adieu Devil
p/s: infos about how to install garmin on a wince devices are available at and, I will not entertain questions about it as I’m no expert.

Robot Ticks

Have been pretty busy these few weeks, I took over the job of mentoring my school’s robotic teams. Previously they were looked after by the PK KO, but he was transferred to another school and as I was one of the mentors last year, I took over his job this year. But to make it all sound more crazy, I’m mentoring 5 teams this year! as opposed to just 2 last year.
It has been hard work for me, staying back after school everyday, I only go back home at around 5.30pm. But truth to be told I enjoy it, playing with those lego kits reminds me of my childhood, even though when I was a child I only had a small set. But true enough it does bring out the creative side of you Grin

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