Feels So Happy

I’ve just arrived from Transkerian….. after staying there for a day and a half.. it was fun.. got to meet some ppl.. although not that many… got reconnected with some ppl whom i thought would have forgotten me by now… the simplest example would be… “eh Rahman… ingatkan saper” ahahahahha.. feels so good….
And the true reason that I feel so delighted is that a poem of mine… Staring At The Cloudless Sky(revised) is now in the finals for a poetry competition at poetry.com and it is guaranteed a place in a poem anthology… heheh gonna go and get a friend of mine in the us to buy that book for me…
Btw some of u might have heard that I did a pretty crazy thing at uptown on sunday night… ekkekeke ok here’s the short version….. Me and my best friend shared a plate of chicken chop… it was no typical sharing… I hold the fork.. he got the knife… he cuts and then I fed him…. next he cuts again and then this time I eat.. and we did that all in front of 2 of our lady friends.. who couldnt cease to be amazed at how crazy we are sometimes .. ekekekek :p ok la… more anecdotes will come on later as I remember them.. for now I’m just gonna be happy wooohooooo

2 thoughts on “Feels So Happy

  1. actually i know that.. a friend told me already .. it’s just that im in a state of denial :p nevermind i did get another poem published under a pseudoname a long time ago 🙂

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