Kejamkah Aku Bila Aku Berbuat Baik?

Berlaku kejam tapi baik, berlaku baik tapi sebenarnya kejam…. mana lebih elok? Buat baik kat org tu sebab kesian kan dia tapi sebenarnya kejam.. sbb tipu org tu… cemana yer?
Baik kah seseorang itu kalau dia mencintai seseorang kerana terpaksa…. tapi apakah dia juga kejam kerana dengan selamba mengecewakan seseorang… susah nak buat pilihan dlm hidup ini. Ada org kata.. cintailah org yg menyintai kita dan bukannya org yg kita cintai.. tp benda tu payah utk dilakukan… bukan apa.. hati org ni bukan leh main ikut suka jer nak suruh suka kat sapa.. nak sayang kat sapa.
Jadi apakah seseorang kejam apabila dia bercakap terus terang… menunjukkan kepada org itu segala bentuk kekejaman atas dunia ini? Apabila dia mematahkan hati org? Menyedarkan tentang hakikat sebenar? Atau apakah dia lebih kejam apabila dia menyembunyikan semua itu… hanya menceritakan kebaikan.. melindungi ia dari segala keburukan….
Aku rasa lebih kejam kalau sembunyikan hal sebenar… sbb kita tak boleh sembunyikan benda tu secara berterusan.. menipu secara berterusan… pasti akhirnya akan terbongkar juga rahsia… kalau terbongkar… bukan kah lagi kejam jika dia tahu hal yg sebenar? Entahlah… terserahlah pada pendapat masing masing… mana yg lebih elok.. mana yg lebih tepat…. mungkin utk satu satu keadaan lebih elok berlaku kejam.. utk keadaan lain sebaliknya?
Kuasa ditanganmu..
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Equality : The Feminist’s Manifesto

This one is going to invoke a lot of wrath upon me. But who cares. My point today is very simple. Don’t ask for something you can’t handle.
Here’s the background. I’ve known a lot of women, mature and immature alike. And a lot have sort of mentioned equality among men and women. The same opportunity and stuff. That woman should not be discriminated because of their gender. And to tell you the truth. I do respect that. Because I do believe that we should look at a person’s capability before their gender or race or whatever. But what really peeves me off these days is the fact that these people came back to me complaining…. and their complaint starts with… “I’m a girl”.
Most of these happened after I bashed them for not doing their job. Whether its at my old workplace (temp job) or my clubs… The same thing happened. Not satisfied that I gave em a mouthful. For me when these people says that they wanted equal chance. They have already stripped off their gender, meaning they can’t use it as an excuse. If they want to use their gender as an excuse, pleaseeeee don’t say that you can do anything that a man can do. It’s hard enough making decisions to empower them or not, but it’s harder when they start using gender as an excuse.. “I’m a girl, I’m sensitive you know”. Bullshit, its either you do your job or not. Gender doesn’t have anything to do with it unless I’m telling you to do manual labor or something…
Equality is equality… the same opportunity, the same job, the same mouthful and also the same right to be bashed by your boss or work mates.. I don’t usually bash people based on their gender.. but when they say “I’m a girl” Hell yeah I’ll bash them for being a girl.
If we don’t give people anything to discriminate us upon, there sure isn’t any point for them to discriminate.
p/s: And yes people do call me egoistic and a chauvinist, who cares Razz

How Can You Forget Someone?

The topic has come up a few times lately in my conversation with friends and also with my cousin. We were talking about how can we best forget someone… how can we let someone go… and my solution at that moment seemed so simple.
I told them that when you break up with anyone… you tend to only remember the good part, the good times… all the fun things you did together.. the nice memories… and remembering this will make you depressed as you will question your judgment then.. you will ask “why did u break up with him”, “where did it all went wrong” and more whys..
When that happens never just remember the good part of your relationship.. try to remember the bad part… the part where everything went wrong.. all the hurt that u got courtesy of the relationship…. the part where bad thing happens as if on a collision course…
That’s how you forget ppl, that’s how you recover from them. Seed a little hatred and let it remind you of all that.. never too much hatred mind you for it will make you an ugly person. Whenever I miss them, and sort of want em back, I always remember the hurt they gave me.. it may make me a cold hearted person (I am) but at least I feel stronger.. empowered to control my own life. Smile
Rose Adieu
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p/s: comment closed due to severe abuse by ppl thinking this is a place to talk about their ex. get help ppl!!!

What Do You Seek In Life

What do you seek in life? Do you seek wealth? Do you seek love? Do you even have a goal in life? Or are you merely one of millions of lost souls which don’t really know what the heck they are doing on this planet.
Have you had that feeling where you think, that you are living merely because you are, never knowing your purpose.. owh I think many of you have heard the bullshit that everyone is meant to be someone. But what if I say that the someone you are meant to be is just that… nothing…. a no one.. just a soul in a shell… what say you?
Life greatest hurdle, finding your path, finding your niche in life…. Have you found your path? Are you merely following a path that others chose for you.. or did you chose that path…. Robert Frost most quoted stanza will always be “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference”. Do you think he is right? Or is he just another sooth-sayer… catching our imagination by giving us loopholes… what say you?
Owh and don’t go and get yourself a self help book… coz if the author is so right, he won’t be telling you the secret. Heck who would want to sell a secret for a mere RM39.90? Set the price at RM1 mil and I’ll believe you…
My stand would always be that you need to take life a day at a time. Or you may quote a hadith “Live like you will live forever and pray like you will die tomorrow” Whatever it is… today is today and tomorrow come what may you will not find the path yet ……
What say you?

What Do You Look For?

This is a long overdue entry, this entry was originally sparked by a conversation I had while I was on my road trip sometime back with my bestfriend. We talked about his love life and my love life. Categories of men… and how women look at men.. and so on and so forth…
Among the things that we talked about was what is it that girls look for in a guy. Being ppl with scientific backgrounds, we manage to divide guys into 3 major group, which as always with human sciences .. is interrelated and is overlapping is some major areas. (yes, we are nerdy and a bit out of the loop Razz)
So what is the groups? Group A is the macho guy with the look and physical prowess (and maybe some moolah). Group B is your typical romantic, sensitive type of guy. and Group C is the dependable guy. (either financially or emotionally or both). The grouping is very subjective Smile But mostly determined on the major points of a guy. He can be sensitive and dependable but maybe he’s more sensitive? He maybe macho and dependable, but he may rely on his machoistic nature to attract girls. You get what I mean Smile
So we managed to group guys according to what girls tends to look for. But let us step back and begin to wonder… what type of girl would go for a particular kind of guy? After some groping around, we best concluded it is based on the maturity of the girl/woman. Because the trend is, as the girl gets more mature, she tends to look beyond the physical look of a person, and begins to see what’s underneath (as is with any other sane being).
my conclusion on that day was that girls that go for Group C (dependable) is usually 25 and above. (prepared to get married, needs a dependable guy)
The ones that go for Group B (sensitive) is basically around the age of 20 to 25. Emotional turmoil period, needing someone who understands them.. that sorts of thing Razz
And lastly for Group A. we couldnt identify it with any age group, as maturity isnt really connected with age.. and the age that was given is just as a pointer, because that’s when the selected mind setting occurs Razz
Btw. I actually did some work on this theory. Razz I actually went as far as to ask girls what do they look for in a guy. And basically most of them conformed to the theories I made.. the few that didn’t was clearly slightly more/less mature than their age group Smile
Any comments on this crazy idea of mine?
p/s: This idea will conform with the materialistic girls theory Smile Just exchange macho with money Smile

Who’s The One?

Had a rather stimulating conversation with a friend. Debating on the how you are to choose ur life partner. Even talking about the ones that ur parent chooses.
As i explained to her, Love comes from the heart. But to choose someone to spend the rest of your life, you need a balance of need and want. Need in this case is using ur brain to choose him/her and Want is the act of wanting that person.
You seriously love a person… but sometimes you just can’t live with that person for the rest of your life.. That’s where the need comes in. A combination of using ur brain (need) an ur heart (want).
Balance is always needed when making life changing decisions.. Life is always balance. Smile
Then comes the other topic, parent’s choice. For me arranged marriages is a thing of the past. Not many will have that come between them and their love. And still I do not deny that the parent’s choice has its benefits. And to be fair all round it is beneficial for the parent to be able to come up with a few choices. Not just one, one means arranged… means u must marry that guy/girl. Which is not free choice. But if your parents come with a few choices… juicy ones that is. Could you resist? For me and my parents (yes I’m still young but the topic comes out sometimes) the choice is still in my hands… I’ve been hinted sometimes but still, a smile would be enough for my parents to know that I’m not interested.
So between how to choose? and your parent’s choice… both must have its own balance. Balance on need and want. And balance on your choice and your parent’s Smile
Rose Adieu


I know this entry would sound stupid in the end, but still, it is a point worth noted.
First of all I’d like to tell you there is a common misconception about iced lemon tea or lemon tea and also its brother iced lemon. Why do I say that? Coz it’s not lemon that we Malaysian use. Its lime most of the time except at those big restaurant and hotels. And how did I found out? Coz I was actually corrected a by a restaurant owner. I ordered iced lemon (limau ais), she promptly mentioned, its lime not lemon Smile Hoho it would have done me no good to get into a fight with the makcik Razz Coz she’s been living in the US for quite sometime before coming back to Malaysia.
So that’s it… Iced Lime Tea and Iced Lime Razz (true if you are eating at the mamak’s)
One other point to note. Iced Lime/Lemon Tea is bad for you. From the perspective of the doctor, you are only drinking a mixture of salt. Lime or Lemon is acidic and Tea is alkaline. Put those 2 together you get water and salt. Which won’t do your kidneys good Smile So no more Lime + Tea for you ppl ok Razz
As a sidenote the thing about acidic + alkaline stuff can also be applied to the Vitamins you eat. Note that certain vitamin are acidic and others are alkaline. If you need to eat both type. Make sure you separate it by at least 15 minutes, at least that’s what my doctor told me.
Rose Adieu

Fluoride Bling Bling

I’ve been reading a few articles about a research that shows the effect of fluoridation of water on children’s intelligence….
and for a starter… fluoride can cause children to be stupider (plainly speaking that is)…. it is found that fluoride crosses the blood-brain barrier producing biochemical and functional impairment of the nervous system during developmental periods (tech speak)… ekekek
so there you have it.. now I demand everyone to tell their kids and younger siblings not to brush their teeth Big Smile no just kidding actually just don’t let them swallow those water after brushing…. *now i know why i’m so stupid.. slalu telan air tu* …
ah.. and as an afternote.. as mentioned by Hez.. “bling bling” has just been inducted into the Oxford dictionary.. won’t that make P. Diddy famous? BTW what the heck does “bling bling” means? pahh crazy bugger…
Smile Adieu
Fluoride Alert
Bling Bling

Hello Are U Deaf

Don’t you just hate it when one of those stupid phone blares down in the middle of a good movie…. Oh I can’t even remember the number of times I felt like smacking ppl in the face just for that.. only self control and the thought of the person being able to sue me back kept me in my chairs…
Most ppl just don’t know the proper manner for mobile use.. I mean can’t u just see the signs before entering the movie hall that explicitly says no hphone…. If only that can be considered a crime against the law. Now wouldnt that be interesting.. how many ppl would be caught and fined… hehehehe
Outside our country it is permissible to use mobile jammers that can jam ur phone signals.. anyway according to the star…. our law doesn’t allow that… but hehehe Smile I know a place where that jammer has been used.. my local univ library to be exact. One fine day.. I went there to look for a book and as I was about to turn the phone into silent mode I noticed that there was no signal.. heck I know that the place is always bad for reception but not a single bar? Hmm then I read a notice saying that they were using a jammer inside the library… Haha interesting… considering the fact that it’s against our law to use it….
Now how did they go about that? Some ppl higher up must be very good eh… but heck I’ll send an email soon enough to the admin….
Ok enough of that.. go read the article at The Star
And here’s the regulation involved at the MCMC
And the acts at the MCMC

Forwarding :: A Lesson In Security

Ok this entry is actually an email of mine to a group of friends, about why I soooo hate forwards, chain letters and bla bla. Sorry this one is in Malay.. I’ll translate some other time if there is reason enough
Ok ni nak citer sikit
forward, utk pengetahuan rakan rakan, forward ni digunakan oleh spammer untuk mengutip alamat email kita utk digunakan utk tujuan spam kita.
bagaimana? pernah kah anda melihat senarai email yang kawan kita hantar kepada kita? bagaimana kalau senarai semua email tersebut sampai kepada spammer? maka penuhla email anda dan orang2 lain dengan benda benda tak berfaedah, porno, iklan bodo dan sebagainya
bagaimana untuk menggunakan forward secara bijak?
1. pastikan anda delete semua senarai email dari penghantar sebelum menghantar email. mungkin dia tak tahu, tak mengapa, tapi jangan ANDA yang buat sambil lewa.
2. sila gunakan kemudahan BCC. letakkan hanya satu alamat email di ruangan TO. dan yang selebihnya di ruangan BCC. Penerima yang menerima forward anda akan hanya dapat melihat email tersebut dihantar kepada penerima di ruangan TO. dan yang berada di ruangan BCC tidak akan kelihatan.
ambil perhatian bahawa kebanyakan email percuma (hotmail, yahoo) memerlukan anda meletakkan sekurang2nya satu alamat email di ruangan TO.
ok dah selesai tanggungjawab.

For your info …. 80% of all forwards/chain letter are started by Spammers…. 100% of chain letters are used by spammers to harvest emails…
Spammers monitors open mailing list for email adresses… if using yahoogroups plz set it to require approval to join. If most of ur group would rather read it online.. have the mailing list not display email addresses….
Now forward this nice advice on how to forward securely… and avoid getting more junkmails into ur mail box….
“Don’t want spam, don’t own an email address – Bill Gates (not)”
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