How Can You Forget Someone?

The topic has come up a few times lately in my conversation with friends and also with my cousin. We were talking about how can we best forget someone… how can we let someone go… and my solution at that moment seemed so simple.
I told them that when you break up with anyone… you tend to only remember the good part, the good times… all the fun things you did together.. the nice memories… and remembering this will make you depressed as you will question your judgment then.. you will ask “why did u break up with him”, “where did it all went wrong” and more whys..
When that happens never just remember the good part of your relationship.. try to remember the bad part… the part where everything went wrong.. all the hurt that u got courtesy of the relationship…. the part where bad thing happens as if on a collision course…
That’s how you forget ppl, that’s how you recover from them. Seed a little hatred and let it remind you of all that.. never too much hatred mind you for it will make you an ugly person. Whenever I miss them, and sort of want em back, I always remember the hurt they gave me.. it may make me a cold hearted person (I am) but at least I feel stronger.. empowered to control my own life. 🙂
:rose: Adieu
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19 thoughts on “How Can You Forget Someone?

  1. oooh i have a LOTA anger and hatred in me. esp to those many many people who have hurt me before. i enjoy hurting them back. mauahaha. and yes, thats the best way to forget people. just hate them. u got that right my man! :devil:

  2. I really don’t think that there is a way to forget someone who you loved or cared about. I mean especially if it was a person with whom you had a relationship with. It’s so hard wondering what could have been, but there is a piece or advice that I always live with. Never live your life in regret, you get one kick at the can, don’t ever let someone else bring you down.
    Dance when no one is watching and just have fun.

  3. you cant forget the person that you loved
    by the best way is to think everythink happend fot the best.

  4. You can NOT forget someone you loved….my parents, therapist, and friends are forcing me to forget the one thing that mattered most….and the worst part is, He’s being punished for what I was a part of. Theres even talk of jail. One things for sure though….I will fight…because life without love, isn’t living..its just existing without a purpose. 🙁

  5. sometimes we must to forget and letting someone who never response our love. we cannot force them to response our love because they are the one who brought their heart. though forgetting and letting someone go is very hurt, but we must to accept and put in our mind that! that’s life!!!!!!!!!we must give them the freedom…and i believe also that!!! its hurt to say goodbye to a person you’ve give everything even your life! and knowing that life might be not the same without him but its better to give up the feeling we had than to knowing that you’re the only one fighting!

  6. befriend 2 sum1 u wnt 2 4get s i thnk d best way 2 4get him! nver scape from d c2atn, instead, stay & bravely face it. Remember dat GOD always hav 8s own risons y do 8 hapend.. U wil just undrstnd it on d later part! stay smart & beautiful.. f not 4 him at least 4 u! :love:

  7. it is indeed a mighty pain to LOVE someone & let her go but still the bitter truth that sometimes we need to face otherwise our life will stop at some point & sure no one wants that to happen lets pray that it is the best for both
    “man proposes & GOD disposes”

  8. Loosing love sometimes is loosing everything. At first i thought time wouldnt cure anything and that people who think that time cures everything where wrong. I though i would have to live with the memories of that person for ever and that i would never be able to fall in love again, but now even though i still think about that person a lot and i still have feeling, after 6 months i think time does curee things and being able to move on is a possibilty even though sometimes life crashes. Good luck to everyone who is suffering because of someone is hard but doable. 🙂

  9. its rili hard to forget some1… especially if you had sweet moments together. :rose: but sometimes we have to let go, even the sweetest thing that happened we have to forget it because we cant live in the past. yes, we usually say “i could have done something to make the sweet moments last” but thats all we got. regreting will only make us feel sad which lead to another regret in the future. leave the past behind, live at the moment, and look forward that’s what i should do. i have to move on. right?? hehehe charos :kiss:

  10. Karlbum I dunno about this whole forgetting someone thing me and my g/f dated 2 years and she broke up with me over 3 mths ago and started dating someone new after a week. I have tried the whole hate thing to get over her but somehow I still find myself in love with her even though this new guy gave her a promise ring after 2 mths I dunno I just cant get over her write me back to let me know more on this subject

  11. There are things in life that are to be untold…
    like love… it’s hard 2 4get some1 u loved
    and it’s harder when u cant see him anymore bcoz he can’t… because he’s dead.
    I can’t believe God took his last breath
    :(It’s so hard to wake – a wonderful dream
    so…goodbye to

  12. I typed on Google “how to forget someone” and I’ve found your blog. I’ve been having a very hard time trying to live without a person I had a 3-year deep relationship with. Your text is quite too simple, but true. I guess it’s kinda helped me. Thanks.

  13. First of all, we are talking about forgetting someone in easy way, because we are just talking without make it, at least for me, I can not forget easy especially when you feel that you were the responsible for breaking that relationship, you will blame yourself all the time, I know sometimes I feel that I exaggerate because 4 years and I can not forget that person, it something unbelievable, I won’t say that I can‘t sleep or I can’t live because it’s not the core thing in our life but when you remember that person you will feel something in your heart especial a noble feeling. However, I agree with people who said that we have to carry on, not put an end to our life, yes it’s true but you will sometimes think of that person and you will remember the best memories and you will wish him wonderful life wherever he was.
    But the problem is when you can not forget that person and you still have a hope to meet him one day, why not, it’s good to be hopeful and to be optimistic, who knows may be one day you will realize this dream. :pray:

  14. it is so hard to forget someone.. even if u try hard not to remember the good things about him… but u cant hide the love u have for him.. as for me i love a boy so much.. i know he have too many girlfriends and he is cheating on me.. i break up with him.. but still this crazy hear loves him soo much.. i dont think i can ever forget him.. coz i loved him with all my heart :(( :(( :(( :(( :((

  15. It is very difficult to forget someone you love(d) very much. One thing that I have found helps me, is to take all the things that went wrong in that relationship, and improve them and make sure it doesn’t happen that way in the next life has been a lot richer from the things I learned from it.I don’t think anyone truely forgets someone they truely loved, and people who say they do have only misplaced the memories for awhile, or are in serious denial, but, in my opinion, if you really love(d) someone, they will always have a special place in your heart, whether you want them to or not..and if they don’t, you most likely didn’t truely love them in the first place…that’s just what I think though..heh :monkey:

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