18 March 2004

How Can You Forget Someone?

By Rahman Pauzi

The topic has come up a few times lately in my conversation with friends and also with my cousin. We were talking about how can we best forget someone… how can we let someone go… and my solution at that moment seemed so simple.
I told them that when you break up with anyone… you tend to only remember the good part, the good times… all the fun things you did together.. the nice memories… and remembering this will make you depressed as you will question your judgment then.. you will ask “why did u break up with him”, “where did it all went wrong” and more whys..
When that happens never just remember the good part of your relationship.. try to remember the bad part… the part where everything went wrong.. all the hurt that u got courtesy of the relationship…. the part where bad thing happens as if on a collision course…
That’s how you forget ppl, that’s how you recover from them. Seed a little hatred and let it remind you of all that.. never too much hatred mind you for it will make you an ugly person. Whenever I miss them, and sort of want em back, I always remember the hurt they gave me.. it may make me a cold hearted person (I am) but at least I feel stronger.. empowered to control my own life. 🙂
:rose: Adieu
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p/s: comment closed due to severe abuse by ppl thinking this is a place to talk about their ex. get help ppl!!!