The Trek To Gunung Nuang

For the past few weeks, I’ve been trying to write something about my time over here in Cheras. Wanting to tell every bit of detail that happened in my life. But somehow, I couldn’t find the right word. Nor the right sentence to start the story. For now, I’ve still not found the right sentence to start the story. But the story telling will continue for now.
For the first two weekends that I’ve been here, I’ve been going out trekking with fellow friends from my university and school days. The experience has been refreshing as it has been quite a while since I’ve gone out trekking. The last trek that I did was with my cousins, finding waterfalls near Besut around six months ago.

The trek that I went for with my friends was near Pangsun, specifically we went up Gunung Nuang up to Sungai Lopo. The place is not your regular spot, as usually nobody goes up there. Only the irregular enthusiast that walks up there, and the locals who goes up to their land.
As it is, I went on the trek twice, each time with a different set of people. The first time around I went with 7 other persons. Most of them are not friends of mine; instead they are friends of friends. Of the 8 of us, 5 were guys and the rest were girls. 4 were Chinese, one Indian while my friend and I accounted for the 3 Malays. The second time that I went there, it was in a smaller group comprised of 4 persons (2 guys and 2 girls).
For each of the time that we went up, we spent around the same time getting up and down. Also, almost the same time was spent up there. All in all, around 2 hours was needed to get up to the place. But, going down usually it is only 1 hour and a half, or less.
The place is simply astounding, no amount of word can be used to describe the place. The water is simply cold, icy cold and tastes sweet. (Even plain water has taste, you just have to develop your senses to it). The view is the kind of view that put words into authors mind, and notes in a musician’s sheet. If you stay still for a minute, you can hear the music of the forest, the rushing of water in between the rocks, the trilling of birds up in the tree, the blows of the wind upon the high leaves, the rustles of the grass in between your feet. It was simply an amazing experience just to be there.
It felt awkward going down, because I felt heavy hearted leaving the place. Wanting just an extra minute more to savour the beauty and serenity of the place. But in the end you realize, that you have to leave the place and journey back to the brick jungle.
My friend and I agreed on trying to make it our weekly activity, and till today we have succeeded in going on it twice. But looking at his schedule and mine, I am not so sure that I will be able to go on it as much as I wish. He with his work and me with my studies, but hopefully I can go on trekking for at least five more times.
Note: My lecturer’s husband is asking to join me trekking, should I say yes or no?

7 thoughts on “The Trek To Gunung Nuang

  1. I went up Gunung Nuang in f3. It was cool coz I had a junior to carry my backpack 😀 Damn steep lah that gunung, was panting macam apa(x fit la kot kan? :p). We even came across a tenggiling!

  2. the trek that we tried out isn’t really the regular trek, as said by the locals. coz the place is rather disused… my friend told me that there are a few more treks, but it was all covered up in vegetations

  3. hi karl,
    i’ll be going to gunung nuang for the first time this coming november. could you tell me how to get to the mountain’s trail head from KL railway station by public transport??
    i would appreciate your kind help on this one, thank you so much!

  4. hi karlbum! nice blog.. do you have any plan on going to nuang again? see, i would like to go up there too but there is a problem here. i got nobody to come along with me. so if you have plan to go up there just let me know ok! and if you have freetime, please write an email to me at thanx bro..

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