Happy Chinese New Year 2009

Happy Chinese New Year to everybody, celebrating or not. Me I’m just enjoying the extra long holiday. Malaysians are crazy about holiday. There are 100++ days that Malaysian do not work. So how are we going to achieve that developed country status if we love holidays that much. A question to ponder on I suppose :p
One thing that I hate about this type of holidays is the jams. Its long enough that ppl wants to go back to their village/parents’ home but short enough that they all do it during the same period of time. Plus all the kenduri make it all the worst. Jams are ok to me if its in big city with multiple routes to use, but jams in small roads just don’t work for me.
Combine that with idiot drivers? Road bully? Road Hog? Hell on road! So my advice to those idiots from KL or wherever plz don’t drive as if u are still back in KL, do have some manners. Leave ur nasty habits back at wherever you call ur home/place of work/whatever.
We have enough issues coping with the jam what with u lot coming back, don’t make us sumpah2 u some more.
On that note Happy Chinese New Year, be safe on the road!
Adieu :devil:

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