Tag: trekking

27 February 2005

The Trek To Gunung Nuang

For the past few weeks, I’ve been trying to write something about my time over here in Cheras. Wanting to tell every bit of detail that happened in my life. But somehow, I couldn’t find the right word. Nor the right sentence to start the story. For now, I’ve still not found the right sentence to start the story. But the story telling will continue […]

19 May 2004

Mari Kecutkan Badan ..

Today was fun, went out with my cousins and a friend of theirs. The 4 of us went to Lata Tembakah in Besut Terengganu. Headed out from my cousin’s home at around 8.45am (yes it was sharp on the dot) Only got there around 10 or something and had to go trekking for about half an hour. The place was huge and empty. It was […]