Mari Kecutkan Badan ..

Today was fun, went out with my cousins and a friend of theirs. The 4 of us went to Lata Tembakah in Besut Terengganu. Headed out from my cousin’s home at around 8.45am (yes it was sharp on the dot) Only got there around 10 or something and had to go trekking for about half an hour. The place was huge and empty. It was weekday so you know nobody gonna be there. Lata tembakah is 7 layered. And we only got as far as the 2nd waterfall ….. was about to persuade them to go to the 7th waterfall, but decided not to after hearing that it would be another 1.5km walk just to get there.
And the scenery was simply amazing, got a lot of nice pictures. (Will try to get that up as soon as possible) The fun factor was doubled as we had the whole place to ourself, no one was in sight. Leaving out the pakcik that was lepaking in front lah. 😀 The crazy part is although my cousin was really enthusiastic about the trip, none of them really know how to swim. And that includes myself.. I only swim at beaches.. :p (salt increases floatation) But that doesn’t deter us from behaving like hippos in the water. 😀 Berendam jer kerja… 4 hours of it.. hehe
On the way back we had lunch at Jerteh. Got a call from my dad asking me to buy some keropok lekor, which I had to go all the way out to Kuala Besut to buy them. And because of a wrong turn, added an extra 10km. Only got home at around 5.30pm. How’s that for a day of this boring old dude?
p/s: Last entry on this hosting, backing up and packing tomorrow.. 😀

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