We are connected!

Alhamdulillah after 3 months of talking on the phone, face to face meeting with various Telekom personnel and numerous excuses on why my phone is not connected.. finally I have my phone and my internet connection again.
Details on the ordeal? 13 July 2009 went to Tanah Merah TMPoint to arrange for transfer of my phone from Gua Musang to Machang. Yes Machang is so backwater that it only have a service office just like Gua Musang. :p 30th July after complaining to TM that they were very slow on installing the phone the contractor came. Installed the phone just fine but was stumped as they said that the Cabinet was out of order. They say that only TM personnel can fix it as they are not authorized to do so.
Waited till next week. Got nothing, lodged a phone complaint. Nothing again for a month or so then got a phone call from Telekom KB, informing me that the Cabinet was damaged that they had to get parts and that required a lot of bureaucratic work.
Then they informed me that it was done. Waited some more. Nothing again. Went down to Machang’s service office, complained about the connection problem. They said that they will have a look into it. I made multiple phone complaints until finally a person from KB called me and properly introduced himself and gave his phone number and said that he will follow through with me until my connection is up. Informed me that the thing is going to take longer as they are upgrading the system in my area and my application is put on hold until they finish. So I waited some more, that took another a month more until finally a lady called asking where exactly is my house. Saying that my problem was somebody put the wrong cabinet for my application. I waited some more then a man called yesterday asking where my house is again around early morning. Then later on he called to inform that my phone is now connected and told me my new numbers. Then in the afternoon a lady called to check on whether my connection is ok or not. Told her they was some buzzing and informed her to connect my streamyx ASAP.
Today got another call from another lady asking whether I made a request to install streamyx whether it was a new application or what. Got home this afternoon and checked that the line was still not on. Left the modem on autoconnect mode and after dinner checked the lights and noticed that the LED for ADSL was steady and that meant I had connection!. So here I am rejoicing my connectivity but be damned I just registered for Celcom BB just last week! another 50 ringgit per month 🙁 But then again I’m cutting the internet at my mom’s house, nobody really use it anyway 😀
On another note, my laptop which was sent for repairs (vga controller was going bonkers) was just received on Sunday.. that makes it 37 days without my precious laptop 😀
So expect more entry from me real soon 😀 heheh
Adieu :devil:

Moving Blues

I have finished moving, and there were several hiccups along the way. For instance, I had to wait for 3 days to get my telephone line reinstalled, that explains why I haven’t been updating my blog.
There were also problems with the lorry that was supposed to pick up some of the bigger stuffs. Supposedly they promised to come pick it up saturday afternoon. but in the end I had to switch to another lorry and they couldn’t make it in such a short notice, but only the next evening. The astro installer was amazingly easy to get hold of, in fact I called him and he came by 1 hour later after he was finished at another house.
So far the home is pretty cozy, no problem in sight. A locksmith will be coming this friday to change a lock. Also a builder will be coming next week to fix a shed at the back of the house. Now all I need to do is just a little bit of plumbing. Need to fix the pipes so that it will be easier to use it for the washing machine.
All in all, it was a good week though I still have a few more item left at the old house. Plus good a pretty achy muscle from the heavy lifting.
Adieu :rose:

Kepentingan Kabel

Kabel itu sangat penting, nak cari kerja pakai kabel, nak masuk univ pon pakai kabel… nak buat apa pon nak pakai kabel
Tapi apa pentingnya kabel bagi aku… kabel penting bagi aku sebab pagi tadi Telekom datang pasang kabel baru utk talian telefon aku. :p Sebabnya aku komplen kata line aku teruk, dan petang kelmarin dia org datang utk check line.
Hasilnya? dia org kata line aku “line noise” teruk gila.. bising nak rak.. dan aku pun hanya mengangguk-nganguk ya lah.. bukan aku tahu byk sgt pasal kabel nih… Jadi petangnya dia org cuba tukarkan line aku ke kabel lain yg sedia ada tp line noise masih tinggi. Jadi pagi tadi… time aku pergi kerja.. dia org datang dan tukar terus kabel… letak kabel baru.. hasilnya tak la sehebat mana… tapi katanya dijamin lepas ni takda lagi problem tetiba connection rate aku drop sakan…. biasanya connection rate aku.. dapat dlm 211kbps jer… dan setelah tukar kabel baru dpt la 300++ tapi belum mencecah maksima 384kbps lagi. Tp itupun dah mencukupi… bukannya aku buat bisnes webserver ke apa 🙂
So aku nak ucap terima kasih la kat Telekom Kelate sebab kerja dengan efisien dan mesra pengguna, tak seperti sepupu-sepapat dia org kat KL yang katanya komplen dah bertahun tp muka pon tak nampak… 🙂 Tp takpalah kot.. dia org datang repair pon dah dpt minum air teh kat rumah aku 😀 (rasuah ker camni?)
Ok bye.. nak menikmati Streamyx ekkeekek
Adieu :rose:
late addition : I have 6 Gmail invites… u want a gmail account? leave a message in the comment (not the shoutbox!)

Streamyx n Standards

I’ve just put in an application for streamyx on Friday, guess what? A reps called me up just now, to ask when they can activate my streamyx (Don’t be baffled Sunday is a working day in Kelantan, I’m still in Penang :p) Wooohooo TMnet made me shiver with their efficiency… or is it only for Kelantan.. coz I remembered that we had to wait for 2-3 months here in Penang to get our streamyx (for the CC). And it was a long wait.. after complaining directly to the regional manager did we get the streamyx…. So did they clean up their act or do the Pasir Mas branch has no work load whatsoever? weird weird… :p
Anyway I’ve just gutted my website again. As usual the cosmetics appear to be the same. But the codes have been changed yet again. This time I changed a bit of the code as to comply with W3C. Woohooo XHTML 1.0 Compliant .. Geek talk.. :p And now my website can be viewed with any Browser and (hopefully) will look the same 🙂 Hurrah to another step of crazy web developing.
I’m now using Mozilla as my main browser.. and all that I can say is the only difference is that the scrollbar colours can’t be defined (IE only stuff). Goody 🙂
Ok enough with self-idolation .. bye … wanna grab some mee goreng .. nyam nyam 🙂