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4 November 2009

We are connected!

Alhamdulillah after 3 months of talking on the phone, face to face meeting with various Telekom personnel and numerous excuses on why my phone is not connected.. finally I have my phone and my internet connection again. Details on the ordeal? 13 July 2009 went to Tanah Merah TMPoint to arrange for transfer of my phone from Gua Musang to Machang. Yes Machang is so […]

6 August 2008

Moving Blues

I have finished moving, and there were several hiccups along the way. For instance, I had to wait for 3 days to get my telephone line reinstalled, that explains why I haven’t been updating my blog. There were also problems with the lorry that was supposed to pick up some of the bigger stuffs. Supposedly they promised to come pick it up saturday afternoon. but […]

9 September 2004

Kepentingan Kabel

Kabel itu sangat penting, nak cari kerja pakai kabel, nak masuk univ pon pakai kabel… nak buat apa pon nak pakai kabel Tapi apa pentingnya kabel bagi aku… kabel penting bagi aku sebab pagi tadi Telekom datang pasang kabel baru utk talian telefon aku. :p Sebabnya aku komplen kata line aku teruk, dan petang kelmarin dia org datang utk check line. Hasilnya? dia org kata […]

5 October 2003

Streamyx n Standards

I’ve just put in an application for streamyx on Friday, guess what? A reps called me up just now, to ask when they can activate my streamyx (Don’t be baffled Sunday is a working day in Kelantan, I’m still in Penang :p) Wooohooo TMnet made me shiver with their efficiency… or is it only for Kelantan.. coz I remembered that we had to wait for […]