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I’ve just put in an application for streamyx on Friday, guess what? A reps called me up just now, to ask when they can activate my streamyx (Don’t be baffled Sunday is a working day in Kelantan, I’m still in Penang :p) Wooohooo TMnet made me shiver with their efficiency… or is it only for Kelantan.. coz I remembered that we had to wait for 2-3 months here in Penang to get our streamyx (for the CC). And it was a long wait.. after complaining directly to the regional manager did we get the streamyx…. So did they clean up their act or do the Pasir Mas branch has no work load whatsoever? weird weird… :p
Anyway I’ve just gutted my website again. As usual the cosmetics appear to be the same. But the codes have been changed yet again. This time I changed a bit of the code as to comply with W3C. Woohooo XHTML 1.0 Compliant .. Geek talk.. :p And now my website can be viewed with any Browser and (hopefully) will look the same 🙂 Hurrah to another step of crazy web developing.
I’m now using Mozilla as my main browser.. and all that I can say is the only difference is that the scrollbar colours can’t be defined (IE only stuff). Goody 🙂
Ok enough with self-idolation .. bye … wanna grab some mee goreng .. nyam nyam 🙂

4 thoughts on “Streamyx n Standards

  1. Bukan lupa letak tapi memang tak letak 🙂 Tu pun sebab XHTML 1.0 ada OMITTAG NO :p Lain semua pass lagipun yg / kat standalone tag tu kena tunggu aku trackdown semua coding php balik baru bleh tambah / hehehe :p Lagipun compliant bukan fully compliant (see I should be a lawyer, I leave loopholes for myself :p)

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