KL, Ipoh, Taiping, Parit Buntar

Continuing from my last entry, as we were just taking some time off before we go to KLCC to watch a movie, my friend made a call to ask a girl if she wants to join us… instead she asked us to send her off to KLIA…. thus began our journey to KLIA… sending a friend from college off…
So we got to vista angkasa and picked the 3 girls up and pushed off to KLIA… before that we had to find a BSN coz the girl wanted to take some money out… we went to Bangsar lama and baru to find a BSN which we didn’t and as we were already late we headed off to KLIA… driving a small kancil at 130km/h.. blame that on my friend he was driving… :p And then… we did find a BSN on the way to KLIA…. oh yes we did.. on a LARGE billboard… and the girl was bombarded with stupid jokes on whether there was a BSN atm on that billboard and how we are supposed to get onto it… hahahhaa…
Then we managed to get to KLIA just in the nick of time… as she got off the car and straight away had to board the plane…. heheh and then began the other 2 girls journey trying to find where the both of us were…. actually we were right behind them.. but neither of us could see each other.. hahahahah…..
Our first plan was to send them to KLIA and try to make it to a late movie… but that didn’t happen… instead we went to uptown and had us some supper/dinner…

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Convocation Shit

Is that a bad title? pahhh it’s as good as any…. and why would I say that? The main reason is I’m supposed to be graduating this year… but I didn’t graduate this year…. why is that… oh a lecturer just decided to hold my marks and instead failed me….. all for one silly test that I didn’t go to.. Oh oh.. now u know my secret why I’ve been acting weird lately… yeah.. because I’m reminded of that stupid fact… ooo how I hate university life where lecturers have the ultimate say… and u can’t do jack about it. X(
Ok that’s done… I’ve relieved my burden…. a little at least. Heh… now on to the fun part of my life…. I’m planning to go to KL this weekend… then it was planned that me and my friend are going to have a little road trip.. just a trip back to Penang actually… with a few stops at good places to take pictures hopefully… 🙂 That would calm down my nerves if that plan goes smoothly 🙂 I’ve been wanting this trip for a while now… considering the fact that I haven’t seen the guy for a year as he’s been working abroad.
Hope this will give us the means to be as close as we once was.. oh btw, he’s my bestfriend :p My sifu, the one who let me have the use of camera for all of my stupid ventures into the photography world 🙂 Hehe… that’s all
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