Tag: road trip

18 August 2003

KL, Ipoh, Taiping, Parit Buntar

Continuing from my last entry, as we were just taking some time off before we go to KLCC to watch a movie, my friend made a call to ask a girl if she wants to join us… instead she asked us to send her off to KLIA…. thus began our journey to KLIA… sending a friend from college off… So we got to vista angkasa […]

12 August 2003

Convocation Shit

Is that a bad title? pahhh it’s as good as any…. and why would I say that? The main reason is I’m supposed to be graduating this year… but I didn’t graduate this year…. why is that… oh a lecturer just decided to hold my marks and instead failed me….. all for one silly test that I didn’t go to.. Oh oh.. now u know […]