KL, Ipoh, Taiping, Parit Buntar

Continuing from my last entry, as we were just taking some time off before we go to KLCC to watch a movie, my friend made a call to ask a girl if she wants to join us… instead she asked us to send her off to KLIA…. thus began our journey to KLIA… sending a friend from college off…
So we got to vista angkasa and picked the 3 girls up and pushed off to KLIA… before that we had to find a BSN coz the girl wanted to take some money out… we went to Bangsar lama and baru to find a BSN which we didn’t and as we were already late we headed off to KLIA… driving a small kancil at 130km/h.. blame that on my friend he was driving… :p And then… we did find a BSN on the way to KLIA…. oh yes we did.. on a LARGE billboard… and the girl was bombarded with stupid jokes on whether there was a BSN atm on that billboard and how we are supposed to get onto it… hahahhaa…
Then we managed to get to KLIA just in the nick of time… as she got off the car and straight away had to board the plane…. heheh and then began the other 2 girls journey trying to find where the both of us were…. actually we were right behind them.. but neither of us could see each other.. hahahahah…..
Our first plan was to send them to KLIA and try to make it to a late movie… but that didn’t happen… instead we went to uptown and had us some supper/dinner…

Got back to my friend’s house around midnight… i think it was 1 am or something… and i just crashed out in the room…
The next morning we took a bus to Ipoh…. nothing eventful happened… arrived at Ipoh around noon…. met my pet sister.. and my friend’s lady friend… chatted for around 2 hours before my pet sis had to make her exit as she had some rehearsal for merdeka day…. something about her being in the choir… 🙂
we then went to UTP.. met a few friends from the cerium-d forum… owh they had some fun watching me trying to vainly call them as they had turned off their phones… hoho real funny X(
After UTP we went off in search of the elusive Batu Berangkai Waterfall…. i have been there before .. but the place still captures my attention… 🙂 A very secluded waterfall in the middle of a small kampung…..
We rushed off after that to Ipoh to try to catch the last bus to Taiping…. but it was too late…the last bus already left…. we tried to secure us a ticket for the late night train to parit buntar…. and that also was fully booked… so we had to sleep at the Majestic Station Hotel… :p
We pushed off from Ipoh around 9am… got to Taiping by bus….. then headed to Parit Buntar by bus… which was when the bus suddenly died on us.. and we had to change busses…… and here we are now at a small cybercafe in Parit Buntar… taking a break before some ppl from the USM Transkerian campus come to pick us up …..
p/s: Pictures will come soon after this… I’ll put up a link somewhere…

6 thoughts on “KL, Ipoh, Taiping, Parit Buntar

  1. Hi
    Thank you for your comment on BSN. However, it would not be a hassle if your friend knows that BSN is just right after the Bangunan Angkasaraya of Jln Ampang.
    However, please be informed that we will be upgrading our services by placing ATM machines in commercial areas for the convenience of our customers.
    Kind regards

  2. Hi
    Just for your info too. Your friend can withdraw money using the BSN card from any ATM machine (be it CIMB, Maybank, RHB) as it is via MEPS.
    It is not only after 5 years, it has always been.
    Kind regards

  3. Thanks for that info but back in 2003 (which is when this post was posted) BSN has not tapped into the MEPS network. BSN only got into the MEPS scene in 2005 🙂
    So please don’t defend something that doesn’t need to be defended, and make yourself look stupid in the process 🙂
    p/s: Yes it is five years 🙂 2008 – 2003 = 5 :p

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