Moving Blues

I have finished moving, and there were several hiccups along the way. For instance, I had to wait for 3 days to get my telephone line reinstalled, that explains why I haven’t been updating my blog.
There were also problems with the lorry that was supposed to pick up some of the bigger stuffs. Supposedly they promised to come pick it up saturday afternoon. but in the end I had to switch to another lorry and they couldn’t make it in such a short notice, but only the next evening. The astro installer was amazingly easy to get hold of, in fact I called him and he came by 1 hour later after he was finished at another house.
So far the home is pretty cozy, no problem in sight. A locksmith will be coming this friday to change a lock. Also a builder will be coming next week to fix a shed at the back of the house. Now all I need to do is just a little bit of plumbing. Need to fix the pipes so that it will be easier to use it for the washing machine.
All in all, it was a good week though I still have a few more item left at the old house. Plus good a pretty achy muscle from the heavy lifting.
Adieu :rose:

Moving Day 1

Today is moving day one, haven’t really moved yet more of cleaning up the house and putting up curtains. The house now looks a lot better. 😀
Spent the whole morning cleaning up the house. Then in the afternoon we put up the curtains. Also got a colleague to come and check the electrical system at the house. The were 2 electrical points that need to be fixed, and also will need to fix the toilet a bit.The pump was not working that well. The simple solution is to just get a thick plastic to replace the one in the pump. You can use any, he suggested I use the one that comes with sugar. :p
Also needed to fix the light in the kitchen. So that the lighting will be better in there. Easier to cook under good lighting. Went back after dinner to send a few non essential clothing to the house.
Tomorrow is day 2. More tiring? perhaps :sick:
Adieu :rose: