Moving Day 1

Today is moving day one, haven’t really moved yet more of cleaning up the house and putting up curtains. The house now looks a lot better. 😀
Spent the whole morning cleaning up the house. Then in the afternoon we put up the curtains. Also got a colleague to come and check the electrical system at the house. The were 2 electrical points that need to be fixed, and also will need to fix the toilet a bit.The pump was not working that well. The simple solution is to just get a thick plastic to replace the one in the pump. You can use any, he suggested I use the one that comes with sugar. :p
Also needed to fix the light in the kitchen. So that the lighting will be better in there. Easier to cook under good lighting. Went back after dinner to send a few non essential clothing to the house.
Tomorrow is day 2. More tiring? perhaps :sick:
Adieu :rose:

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