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31 December 2010

Escape To Terengganu

This year I was tasked with the not so tough but still time demanding duty of invigilating the SPM examination, from 23rd November till 20th December I was stuck. All plans was cancelled, had to cancel going to Johor for my cousin’s wedding, was only able to went to the groom’s side here in Kelantan. Was also unable to visit wife’s brother that had a […]

20 August 2004

School Hols Is Here

It is school hols and I’m gonna try to enjoy it as best as I could. Yet unlike my students I can’t really enjoy it. I’m stuck with tons of exam papers to mark. Oh well, I asked for it 🙂 Still, it is not that many anyway. Gonna have to start digging into the papers soon. For today I’m just gonna enjoy the holiday. […]

14 June 2004

It has been a while

It has been a while since I last updated the blog. Mostly because of the hosting change. :p Went from using an international server to just a local one. It was also partly because I went for a holiday in Sabah during that time. But Sabah was a bit boring. It was raining all the time. So I wasn’t really in the mood to go […]

18 March 2004

It Has Been A Good Day

Today is practically wonderful… woke up early…. had a light conversation with both my parents… while watching ppl working on the new garage. (Did I mention that my dad is building a new garage.. supposedly for my sis’ car when she get transferred back to Kelantan). Then my mom said to me.. ur still having that bad back of yours? I said yes. She said […]

17 November 2003

Rumah, Lagi Lagi Rumah

Hahahah, yeah I’m back in Kelantan. The bus ride took 6 hours (usually 7 – 8) which I slept thru just fine. And almost missing my stop. Heheheh… Managed to see Matrix Revolutions at the cinema. Actually I was going to see Masked Rider Dragon, but as the show was scheduled at 7pm and my bus is at 9pm so we watched Matrix which obviously […]