18 March 2004

It Has Been A Good Day

By Rahman Pauzi

Today is practically wonderful… woke up early…. had a light conversation with both my parents… while watching ppl working on the new garage. (Did I mention that my dad is building a new garage.. supposedly for my sis’ car when she get transferred back to Kelantan). Then my mom said to me.. ur still having that bad back of yours? I said yes. She said why don’t you go and see a tukang urut (a masseur just doesn’t sound right). So we did.. happens to be he’s an old childhood acquaintance… and now my whole body feels great.. except my feet.. urat terik ooooo… Got back home.. had a lil nap.. got a misscall from my cousin. And also an sms from a guy in penang… which said that he has just popped some money into my bank account.. yahooo.. esok gi shopping (cam ada tempat nak shopping jer kat kelantan).
A very good day indeed…. :rose: Adieu
[Listening to: The Beatles – I Feel Fine (0:-1)]