School Hols Is Here

It is school hols and I’m gonna try to enjoy it as best as I could. Yet unlike my students I can’t really enjoy it. I’m stuck with tons of exam papers to mark. Oh well, I asked for it 🙂 Still, it is not that many anyway.
Gonna have to start digging into the papers soon. For today I’m just gonna enjoy the holiday. Plan to do some movie marathon, actually I’ve started watching a few movies. Watched Alien Versus Predator. For those who have watched both the Alien and Predator movie and are clueless where they got the idea to do a Versus movie. Guess what, they got the idea from a computer game. My friend used to play that all the time. Anyway the movie as usual with any action movies these days lack any real substance, and yes the action was good. Though I can say that it didn’t give me the same kind of chill that I had running thru my spine when I watched the Alien series. Maybe because of the high pace and you don’t really get enough time to get scared.
I still have a few more movies to go through, there’s the Highwaymen, Princess Diaries 2, Yu Gi Oh The Movie, Touching The Void, Breakin All The Rules and Little Black Book. As you can see there’s a mix of everything there. From romantic comedy to action thriller.. 😀 Just trying to diversify my movies interests 🙂 I’m also still trying to get a hand on Napoleon Dynamite, Without A Paddle and also the Manchurian Candidate.
Adieu :rose:

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