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26 June 2003

Arghhhhh I Feelllll

Grrrr.. I have just finished Crossroads of Twilight…. It left me hanging! Damn, this is the part where everyone who like to read series hate. The part when you finished reading the book but there is another book on the way but it’s not out yet! Damn… the book answered a few questions on what happened in the last book, but it created more questions, […]

24 June 2003

Harry Potter Craze?

Yeah it is that time of year again, Harry Potter latest book has just been released. The much awaited 5th instalment, The Order Of The Phoenix. I will not be able to start on the book yet, as I still have a few hundred pages of Crossroads Of Twilight unfinished yet 🙂 But Harry Potter is certainly on my list. I’ve actually got the book […]