Harry Potter Craze?

Yeah it is that time of year again, Harry Potter latest book has just been released. The much awaited 5th instalment, The Order Of The Phoenix. I will not be able to start on the book yet, as I still have a few hundred pages of Crossroads Of Twilight unfinished yet Smile But Harry Potter is certainly on my list. I’ve actually got the book already. E-book format that is Smile Thanks to the advent of internet and also a few contacts on IRC. Hehe pottermania have a channel on undernet and also on nullus where they actually traded e-books Smile . My collection of Harry Potter is complete now. I’ve got every book in E-book format. Anyway my book list has gone larger. Now I have 3 books to read. This is going to be a chore. Don’t really have that much time to read books other than the crazy Entomology book.
Adios going to take a break and read Crossroads of Twilight again.

4 thoughts on “Harry Potter Craze?

  1. heheh…cool eh harry potter,,/me too can’t wait to finish the Order Of Pheonix…now on the way finishing Chronicle or Narnia…hepi reading !!!

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