Arghhhhh I Feelllll

Grrrr.. I have just finished Crossroads of Twilight…. It left me hanging! Damn, this is the part where everyone who like to read series hate. The part when you finished reading the book but there is another book on the way but it’s not out yet! Damn… the book answered a few questions on what happened in the last book, but it created more questions, arghh but I felt nice having finished the book 🙂 Done… now let us read some Insect thingy… there’s a test tomorrow for goodness sake .. la la la 🙂 last minute reading always do the trick ekeke
Yesterday I snapped at a few people for no apparent reason, and I snapped at an old friend while she was telling me how she liked the song Ain’t No Mountain High enough.. and later that night I watched Step Mom and there was a scene where they sang that song… sheesh.. shouldn’t have snapped at her …. I’m getting moody these days.. what’s wrong Mr. Rahman.. PMS? get ur life back together! Nahh just tired…

3 thoughts on “Arghhhhh I Feelllll

  1. Hey man, i thought i was the only one reading that book… wahei … u’ve finished crossroads of twilight eh? welcome to the real world where the next scene takes a year or two to compose…
    Whens the dragon reborn gonna kick the syaitan ass… maybe after 5 years akakakakak

  2. psss…. have you tried the Death Gate Cycle… its a kick ass story man. About rune magic and sorcery.. Heres a list of books i’ve read and own…
    The death gate cycle (1-8)
    Otherland (1-4)
    A tale of Memory, Sorrow and Thorn (1-4)
    WOT (1-10)
    The lord of the rings (1-6)
    The Hobbit
    The List of Seven
    Anne Rice Vampires (until memoth the devil, then tak larat)
    Dragon prince + Dragon Star Trilogy (1-6)
    The dark Tower (now waiting for the time to buy the wolves of Calla) 1-4
    Mist (1-3)
    The book of words trilog (1-3)
    Sistrasi Omnimbus Trilogy (must read – i stole it at perpustakaan balik pulau… I’m so ashamed)
    and others whic i’ve forgotten… its been two years since i’ve touched those books. Dulu gua kemaruk gila ngan WOT. siap buat satu site khas to my artwork on all its characters. Those were the days… now dah tua… slow-slow… anyways.. what books have you read? nak trade… btw, great site. And do you know any web communities yg local where we can discuss and share our hobby of reading fantasy n Sci-fi?

  3. i’ve got silmarillion (not samarillion :p) and read the hobbit.
    death gate.. yes read that.. that’s an old series;
    dark tower by stephen king right.. read 1-3 at the local library. i own no 4.
    anne rice. there’s a few e-book in my computer of that.
    btw lord of the ring is 3 books with 6 chapters.. ekeke.. u are one confused man.
    other books that i own or have read are not serial in nature. still a small collection, not large enough to be bragging. :p
    the rest i haven’t read. not too many bookstores which carry fantasy titles in kelantan.
    though i think there’s a few more i’ve borrowed from my friend’s collection but can’t remember them all. 🙁 “otak dah beku”

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