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Anyhow here’s a call to all bloggers, if you are using blogspot / blogger can you please activate your atom feed. It’s rather easy if you follow the tutorial by blogger. If you are on another blogging system MT or B2 or WP then I believe it will be as easy. Just follow the manuals 🙂 If you are writing your blogs manually like Ida or Picha or using GreyMatter which I believe doesn’t support any type of feed, you can try Feedster’s service. They can scrape an RSS feed from your posts with a few tweakings 🙂
It’s not my intention to belabor you with difficult task or anything, but I believe that it is something that ppl should have done long ago. For me, I’ve turned on the feature a long time ago. But didn’t provide a link to it on the mainpage as I believe those who wants it will know where to look 😀
For now I’m using the feeds on site like Naz’s and Phyruzze’s to check whether they have recently updated and to see a description of the entry before heading on to the site. This in tandem with a good news/RSS aggregator will give u an easy to view list of ppl who have recently updated. Yeah I know u can do that with blogrolling, but they only display NEW for a few hours or so, and for ppl who check only once daily, they might miss it.
Trust me, after installing or activating the RSS/Atom feed you might just get a few more loyal readers. 🙂
Following this entry, you will eventually see a button/image next to my Links list for those sites that have a feed (scheduled for the next site code cleanup). And I’ll provide the links to my feeds 😀
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