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18 July 2008

Did You Leave A Comment?

Due to a revamping of my site, I overlooked one tiny setting that caused all comments to go to the Junk folder. so If u have left a comment before this, it may or may not have been kept in the system. With that I apologize. By the way the problem has been fixed and I’ll make sure to check that setting if I do […]

15 June 2005

New Host

Have just moved to a new host ( as the old (exabytes) is going to be expired tomorrow. Was previously having problems with speed of the website, so I hope this time, the speed will be a lot better. The admins of has been very helpful, even to the point of upgrading to a new perl version to enable me to operate MT effectively. […]

4 January 2005

My Latest Creation

Yes, the new template is ready, it needs that extra tweak, but just couldn’t find the time to do it. So here it is. If you spot any glitches plz inform me so. The current theme, is named Mist In My Eye, more specifically thru the Eye of My Camera. 🙂 I was inspired to do this rendition, after seeing what an amazing job that […]

29 December 2004

New And Future Template

As per the norm after a (very) long hiatus, I’ve come up with a very simple template, regretfully it is not of my own design. 🙂 The current template that you are now seeing is aptly named, Winter Wonder. The template is courtesy of Dasme of MovableStyle. The only significant thing that has been done to the template is that I’ve managed to turn it […]

20 November 2004

On Holiday (Hiatus)

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I have to go on hiatus. This is supposed to be a holiday and I’m supposed to be relaxed, but it has been a taxing week. (FYI, just got back from my cousin’s wedding – see previous entry). So I will go on a little hiatus, to sorts things out, relax my body a bit and build this site again from […]

16 October 2004

Sri Mutiara Pics

As promised I have uploaded the pictures from the Sri Mutiara Photoshoot, albeit a bit late. 😀 (6 months late) 61 Pictures in altogether from the shoot taken by me. Enjoy Full size images and more at Sri Mutiara Photoshoot Gallery Late Addition : The original post is here *Sri Mutiara Photoshoot*. I managed to get in as I was asked to help in the […]

2 July 2004

A New ShoutBox

Finally, a new shoutbox, and I’m back to independence…. no more relying on other ppl’s crap server. At least if it’s gonna be down. It means the whole site is down. Previously I was using Dekap’s Personal ShoutBox, and I loved it coz I get to host it here, at my own site. And the template system, control panel and all was cool. But then […]

19 June 2004

Feeds Feeds Feeds

Anyhow here’s a call to all bloggers, if you are using blogspot / blogger can you please activate your atom feed. It’s rather easy if you follow the tutorial by blogger. If you are on another blogging system MT or B2 or WP then I believe it will be as easy. Just follow the manuals 🙂 If you are writing your blogs manually like Ida […]

15 May 2004

Hosting Change Imminent

My hosting and domain will die in around 5 more days… The domain luckily has been renewed, and transferred to a cheaper registrar. While the hosting, I’m still deciding but I think I know where I should go. But I think I know, meanwhile I’m backing up everything on the website with the hope that the transition will be as smooth as possible, but that […]

30 October 2003

DNS Server Change

My website is going under some change. I’m changing the DNS server for my website. So in a 2 more days my site might be unavailable depending on how well I did the configuration for the DNS server. Crossing my fingers hoping not bad happens. This exercise is due to the fact that I’m trying to give my home computer a subdomain. Hehehe 🙂 Ok […]