What Do You Seek In Life

What do you seek in life? Do you seek wealth? Do you seek love? Do you even have a goal in life? Or are you merely one of millions of lost souls which don’t really know what the heck they are doing on this planet.
Have you had that feeling where you think, that you are living merely because you are, never knowing your purpose.. owh I think many of you have heard the bullshit that everyone is meant to be someone. But what if I say that the someone you are meant to be is just that… nothing…. a no one.. just a soul in a shell… what say you?
Life greatest hurdle, finding your path, finding your niche in life…. Have you found your path? Are you merely following a path that others chose for you.. or did you chose that path…. Robert Frost most quoted stanza will always be “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference”. Do you think he is right? Or is he just another sooth-sayer… catching our imagination by giving us loopholes… what say you?
Owh and don’t go and get yourself a self help book… coz if the author is so right, he won’t be telling you the secret. Heck who would want to sell a secret for a mere RM39.90? Set the price at RM1 mil and I’ll believe you…
My stand would always be that you need to take life a day at a time. Or you may quote a hadith “Live like you will live forever and pray like you will die tomorrow” Whatever it is… today is today and tomorrow come what may you will not find the path yet ……
What say you?

2 thoughts on “What Do You Seek In Life

  1. we think in the same vein as the existentialists whereby all is for naught so we do not understand the big deal of what we seek in life…..only in what you devour from your center.,……only what the sun can give you and what the moon can hope for. as charles bukowski said, “it’s how you walk through the fire”. and that’s all that matters.

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