Sexy Girls

This is just a random thought, why would I bring up the topic of sexy girls, let me first lay down the grounds of this rambling…
About a year back I once commented to a girl that she looks sexy, something in the likes of “seksi la pulak ari nih :)” What happened u might ask… was she happy with the compliment? No… she broke into tears…Not just a bit of tear… She was sobbing, I was stumped, what did I just do ? Did I criticize her look? Did I say a bad word? … Luckily my ex was around at that time and she comforted the girl. While managing to give me a cross look. :p This came back to me coz I met the girl yesterday… Managed to give her a smile which she returned with a hi.. then I sort of run off … ekeke don’t want a girl to cry again laaa…
So here comes the question… does women consider men saying they are sexy as a compliment or not? I believe it is so. Or is it that I’m just dumb enough to think that women like men complementing or their sexiness… Any how why would a women dress up anyway… surely because they wanted attention and at least a compliment eh. If they don’t appreciate the attention then they shouldn’t have dressed up in the first place. And me being nosy guy would surely say something about that … ekekek 🙂 No point saying too much about it anyway.. Girls anything to say?? :p
Here’s a quote from the girl while she was crying “Tak pernah ada orang kata kita seksi sebelum ni :((” 😀 Go figure that!
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