Found A Few Quirks

After the transitions from shtml to php I found a few quirks here and there and managed to clean up most of it.. would love feedback if you find a broken link or anything,
List of found errors….
1. No smilies bar in individual archives comment. fixed
2. 404 error from random pictures links. do u know u can click them? hehe
Added another section to the website… the FAQ.. “sendiri tanya, sendiri jawab” i’m going mad….
have u noticed that the website has a terrible layout…. probably coz of my the way that i was taught to do websites.. when I was still learning how to make a website, I was taught to focus on the functionality of the website.. the layout… leave it to those graphic artists… now that’s why my layout sucks ahahah… and I’m not changing it.. lalala malas!
Added : I’ve changed the photo gallery a bit.. seems a lot of ppl didnt notice the fact that the pictures can be clicked to see the full version.. so I’ve also made the title of it as a link. I’ll do the same for the random pic in a while 🙂 Need to hack the php script :p

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