My Latest Creation

Yes, the new template is ready, it needs that extra tweak, but just couldn’t find the time to do it. So here it is. If you spot any glitches plz inform me so.
The current theme, is named Mist In My Eye, more specifically thru the Eye of My Camera. 🙂 I was inspired to do this rendition, after seeing what an amazing job that Ander Aznar did with Mist In Nagoya. Seeing how nice it looked, I decided to do one for my own website (see my lack of originality :p) So I noted down the font that is being used. Noticed the fact that it uses 4 main photos (I omitted one realizing I don’t like swords that much) and went ahead to peruse my collection of photos, finding the perfect photos to do the job wasn’t as easy as I thought. Found a picture of Nagoya Castle itself in my collection (yes, I’ve been to Japan), but decided to do a more Malaysian theme. So that huge building you see there is the Majestic Hotel near Ipoh. Taken during one of my so called journeys. The shot of the trees down there taken at Taman Negara near Merapoh.
As everything else goes, I just took a stock MT3 template, and put in the elements needed. 🙂 Guess that’s it.
Caveat: There’s a style switcher for ppl still using IE. (Go get Firefox!!!). Also the About Style section is only viewable to better browsers than IE. (Sorry IE doesn’t fully support CSS2 yet)
Hint: There’s a theme called Clean, which doesn’t contain any graphic at all 🙂 For ppl who like to conserve bandwith 😀

New And Future Template

As per the norm after a (very) long hiatus, I’ve come up with a very simple template, regretfully it is not of my own design. 🙂
The current template that you are now seeing is aptly named, Winter Wonder. The template is courtesy of Dasme of MovableStyle. The only significant thing that has been done to the template is that I’ve managed to turn it into a fluid version. Thus using the maximum area of the browser.
As a result of the new template I’ve also managed to get all of the cruft out of my templates, no more unsightly tables (hint: there is still one more table :p) that serves no true purpose. All placements of text and images are done using CSS (almost). This is done because I want to make it easier on myself to create new template without having to touch a single morsel of my PHP files again.
As such I am also working on a new template to be unveiled on new year’s eve 🙂 Have fun ppl.