Moving Day 1

Today is moving day one, haven’t really moved yet more of cleaning up the house and putting up curtains. The house now looks a lot better. 😀
Spent the whole morning cleaning up the house. Then in the afternoon we put up the curtains. Also got a colleague to come and check the electrical system at the house. The were 2 electrical points that need to be fixed, and also will need to fix the toilet a bit.The pump was not working that well. The simple solution is to just get a thick plastic to replace the one in the pump. You can use any, he suggested I use the one that comes with sugar. :p
Also needed to fix the light in the kitchen. So that the lighting will be better in there. Easier to cook under good lighting. Went back after dinner to send a few non essential clothing to the house.
Tomorrow is day 2. More tiring? perhaps :sick:
Adieu :rose:

House Hunting : Part 2.2

I’ve stopped hunting for a new house, as I have found a pretty nice house, bigger than the one I’m renting currently. 3 bedrooms with a single toilet. Comes with a porch and a nice patch of garden. Talked with the owner this afternoon, a pretty decent guy. Already booked the house and will be moving in to the house this friday.
The house is at Taman Wangi, the surroundings are pretty nice, will be neighbours with a few more teachers. Also managed to find a nanny for Alya. Will be leaving her to a nice motherly makcik. 🙂
Just feel glad that I got that house. The funny thing is that my landlord actually called me to say that she found me a house. A lil bit too late I say, as I had already booked that house. But then again I don’t think I’ll go for that house if I have a choice as the area is not as nice :p
Anyways will be pretty busy for these few days.
Till next time, adieu :rose: