How To Write A Good Essay Part2

here are some simple tips

1 Use ALL Of Your Senses Lets review what is our senses, Sight, Hearing, Smell, Taste, Feel (touch/tactile) but lets not forget your Feelings (Heart). The sixth sense.

When writing please include as much as detail as possible, for you to remember to do this just remember all your senses and ask
– What can you see
– What can you hear
– and etc

In most cases students (not all but I see that most of my students) will neglect to include their Heart. A good writer will include in his/her writings what is close to their heart, here is how you will attract your readers. Human are busybody/prying (jaga tepi kain org) and when the writer starts to include personal feelings it will be more interesting and intriguing to the reader. More plus point for getting the examiner to actually read your essay rather than just skimming to see the structure smile.gif

2. Don’t choose the shorter questions, such as water, peace, environment. These type of single word questions are among the hardest to score. You will think that it will be easy for you to get idea/contents for the topic but don’t be fooled. Most of the time, I see that students will start to branch out too much and lose focus of the topic itself. If you are not confident, don’t pick that topic. Chose a more directed question.

For this type of questions when u wander around too much, u will tend to get a grade lower than what you are supposed to get. Nowadays the marking scheme are what u call, holistic marking, where the examiner will glance thru the entire essay and see if your essay has what it takes to be an A essay. If not, he’ll go down a notch and check if its a B essay, and so on so forth. (this is a simplification of the true process, ask your teacher, she will be able to explain it in more details)

BTW, writing is a natural born ability that is an extension of speaking. If you are the type that is talkative and tends to be good at story telling, even if its only retelling the Korean Drama to your friend then more than likely you are a good writer as well. smile.gif

Anymore q’s on how to write good essays just post it here. This is all I could remember. If I remember more, I’ll post it up here.

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