Another Slip

Today at school was just informed that one of my colleague had an accident. The accident actually happened at the same place that my accident happened. But as it happened, the colleague went down the road on the left side and a ravine was just waiting there. They miraculously survived the ordeal with nothing but scratches and bruises, but their car was really in a bad shape. A friend told me it had dents and scratches everywhere, up down, in front back sides… everywhere!
What this really is, is just a reminder to us that, that particular road is very slippery and very hazardous. I myself was actually the third person from the school to had an accident there. The news of it happening wasn’t really spread out. Now only does we talk about how dangerous that part of the road after so many incidents happening right there and two accidents happening in a span of less than a month.
Reminder to self, running water plus downhill road plus cornering is a dangerous mix!
Adieu :rose:

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