2 Weeks Old

My newborn is now 2 weeks old (15 days including today), reminiscing back, the day after she was born, the mum and baby was allowed to leave. We headed straight for her grandpa’s house for him to have a look at her, we also swung around to her great grandma’s house. We also managed to stop at Abuya’s (a local sheikh) for her tahnik ceremony.
She was all fine and dandy until her third day when the visiting nurse announced that she has a slight jaundice and we needed to check her blood for it. We went to check her blood daily at Lundang Paku Health Clinic, and on the 3rd time, her jaundice had went down and the nurse told us to bring her back only if necessary.
I went to the registration office and had gotten her birth certificate, in a month’s time I will be getting her MyKid. She is now officially know as Nur Alya Fatima, though her family likes to call her Alya for short. 🙂 Alya can mean a few thing such as “a high place”, “venerable”, “mountain”, “high”, while Fatima is the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH or in old arabic “to wean”
as such her name can mean “The light of the venerable Fatima”.
During the weekend, we did a little get together for her Aqiqah, and we managed to get it done with a minimum of fuss, even managed to get a goat for it at the last minute and luckily it was cheap. During the aqiqah, the imam shaved her hair a bit. I was instructed to finish it on my own. Her head was soft, and it took me almost 4 hours just to shave her head. (Have shaved my own head in less time) Probably because I was afraid that I would hurt her. That afternoon her belly cord fell off on its own accord, this was only noticed when I was checking her diaper.
Alya is still sleeping around clock only waking up for her milk and for her diaper to be changed. She is also more active during the night, waking up several times in the wee hours for her milk and sometimes not going back to sleep after it. This is to be expected, but a bit tiring for me and her mum. On that note, I need my beauty sleep.
Adieu :rose:

4 thoughts on “2 Weeks Old

  1. hi karlbum, congratulations! Just an old friend from penang, googling stuff and incidently find ur name. Hopefully the mother and the baby are doing fine there.What a small world after all….

  2. beauty sleep?
    i’m not a mother yet but had experience baby-sitting newborns and toddlers (the eldest of cucu & cicit so whaddaya expect, cuti skolah aje gua tukar rumah)..
    oh ya beauty sleep? forget it!!

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