Neglected Me

I realize that I’ve been neglecting this blog. As naz says it is time that I realize that I do have a blog. That’s the worrying part isn’t it. I do realize that I have a blog, but hmmm I cant really spend that 10 minutes of time that I used to allocate just to write a simple entry. The workload this year has been crazy and non-stop. Early in the year I was stuck in school, doing all sort of things, settling down a bit and then… I was going out of school so much that I feel like I’m neglecting my students, lucky that I have given them work to do during my so called outstation. Currently I’m out of school, training the district volleyball team. We have a game next week, and then supposedly I can settle down at school again (yeah right). I know that there will be tonnes more work waiting for me at school. For instance there’s the test that is ongoing right now, I’ll finish the vball games just in time to mark the papers. This is the life of a very busy school teacher 🙂
Nevertheless I enjoy this hectic pace, couldn’t really imagine myself just simply teaching at school 🙂
Adieu :devil:
p/s: Been tagged by naz but have no real clue which of my weirdness that would stand out :p

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