My Car – Spot The Difference

Lets look at these photos of my car, can you spot the difference between the photos?
My Car Before My Car After
No differencere between both photos at all? maybe u need some help. Here’s another close up of the front mirrors..
My Car Window
So you get the idea I suppose, I’ve just tinted my car mirrors, obviously u’ve guessed it by now, as the title of the jpegs is fairly obvious :p

I’ve been thinking of tinting my mirrors for a while now, considering the fact that I am driving a lot nowadays, and usually in the day. Was actually thinking of doing it in Penang, as I was actually planning a trip to Penang this school holiday. But it seems my plan to go to Penang has to be scrapped, there’s too much to be done here at home. I still have a lot more items on my To Do list that need to be done during the holidays, and I really don’t want to delay it anymore by going to Penang.
So out of the blue, I called a few friends, asked for recommendation to accessories shop that does a good tint. One was highly recommended, and a lot of dealerships are using them to tint new cars. The shop is Jaya Accessories near KB Mall. So yesterday, while going over to KB to send a colleague’s laptop for repairs, I stopped by at the shop and told them I wanted a complete tint of the mirrors, which costed a bomb. A bomb for me that is, I know some ppl out there won’t even blink at the amount of money, so I won’t disclose it :p
I tinted it with a film they called V-Kool Golddust, except for the front mirror which I choose a slightly lighter tone of gold. Overal the mirrors looks ok, with just a hint of gold. I was really afraid that the gold would show up too much, but it didn’t and I am very satisfied with the workmanship and everything except for one tiny detail. The darker patch of tint on my front mirrors are for me too big, but as they have already put it on, I didn’t want to have to complain too much as that one was done for free. So I guess I’ll leave it at that.
Overall the trip to KB yesterday was rewarding, as I managed to finish a few things that I’ve been delaying. Can’t wait to finish everything on the list and enjoy my holiday.
Adieu :devil:

2 thoughts on “My Car – Spot The Difference

  1. wah wah..tinted abis..asal tak bagi tgk no.plate kete tuh..
    how much did it cost u? err.rm1500? v-cool ey?

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