A Break In My Routine

It’s been a while since I last wrote anything, not that I was intentionally neglecting my website but more because apparently my school connection to my website is blocked, or something to that. The last few week has been very busy.
First, I was busy with installing a wireless network for the school, it was collectively funded by the teachers in the school, we all sort of decided that we would like to use the internet outside of school hours. So I cooked up a plan, got the teachers to chip in and finally we have a working wireless network. Although there were hiccups to my plan, first from using 1 high gain antenna we had to use a lower gain one, and then set up 2 repeaters so that it would cover all of the school area. Although I would have like to just one main transmitter, seems the walls were too thick and we had to compensate. All of that has pass, and I’m just gladly monitoring the network quality from time to time.
Second, I was also busy with starting the training for the school volleyball team again. The kids were eager to start their training again. Knowing that they will be playing in a tournament a week after school reopens I was a bit anxious. Hopes that they will get their act together and will be able to perform when the time comes.
On another note, my school has just celebrated teachers’ day, it was quite splendid, with games for the teacher and students and the exchanging of gifts and so on, it was only marred by the fact that two of our students (one is in my homeroom) has just died the a few days before. It was a bitter sweet celebration, with me going to the student’s house right after the teachers’ day celebration and seeing all the red eyes, it got me remembering a line that I used to heard “it is not right that a child should die before his father”. Maybe it applies to us teachers as well, none of my students should actually die before me, not in accident at least.
Till next time, for now let me enjoy the school break 🙂
Adieu :devil:

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