Post KPLI Convo

Whoah that was a tiring trip. Got a bus on tuesday night, and I got there on wednesday morning, I rested a bit at my cousin’s place and then went on straight to my college with a friend of mine. Lucky that I didn’t have to get on the LRT as my friend volunteered to come and pick me up at Gombak. Got there and after a bit of confusion I manage to get registered for the convo, got my robes and all and then paid for the photography services. (yes it’s a bit weord paying beforehand) While at the college there was here and there small gatherings of KPLI students, stopped by a few of such gathering to exchange news and after a while we parted ways.
Had lunch at the Velodrome, and then after much thought my friend and I both skipped the rehearsal and went straight to Lowyat. Manage to buy myself some toys (big boy’s toy) 🙂 A Jabra bluetooth headset, a car charger for the phone and a SD Wifi card for my PDA. Also picked up some stuff that my friends wanted. Was thinking of buying a new skin for my PDA but they didn’t seem to have stock of what I wanted, maybe I’ll have my friend buy it for me next time. After hanging out at Lowyat for a while, I was already tired from lack of sleep and the non stop walking, so I decided to go back and had my friend drop me off at the Masjid Jamek LRT station.
Got back at my cousin’s home, but he’s still at the office, then suddenly I found myself waking up to the sound of the phone ringing, hahaha I accidentally slept must have been damn tired. Anyway the phone call was from my cousin he was outside and can’t get in because I locked the doors from the inside :p Sorry cuz! Anyway that night I treated my cousin and his wife ( + baby) to a dinner at some seafood restaurant. I think it was one of those “Air Buah Gelas Besar” establishments located nearby. Had a splendid dinner, the food was amazing, and the juice was nice.. yummy!

DAY 2 : Convo Day
The story of my life, late for my own convocation! It all was ok that morning, got up early and got ready in record time as I had already ironed my clothes the night before, then I waited a bit for my cousin to get ready, then as it all turned out, we got out to a massive crawl on the way to the LRT station. Lucky that my cousin knows a few shortcut (more like a long cut) to get to the LRT station. So we managed to evade the traffic jam. But still while I was on the car, I was getting frantic phone calls from my friends asking where I was, told them I was hold up due to the jam. They told me to come quick because they are not going to allow anybody to get in after 8.30am, and the clock was already 8am!!! I managed to arrive at the LRT station at barely 8.24am and got another phone call saying that nobody is allowed inside the hall after 8.30am, I was seriously down, but I still got on the LRT, and at around 8.34am I got another SMS from Sham (another friend) he told me to just get in the hall using the side entrance. So I got there in record time, almost nobody on the LRT!!! so no hold up :p Even asked the taxi drive to hurry it up and so he did 😀 Paid extra for that heheheh.. 🙂 I looked at my watch and it was already 8.45am, damn! I’m never gonna get in, but I did my blur face and smiled at every lecturer I met and stupidly just entered the hall from a side entrance, guess what. I’m seated at the first line, I was to be the third recipient for that day! In front of me was all the lecturers hehehe, lucky the lady that was supposed to give away the diploma wasn’t there yet, so I managed to sneak in. Phew!!!!
After the ceremony, managed to get some pictures together with my friends and all, then went ahead to the free banquet held for us. Then I proceeded to return my robes and all, but was waylaid by a few lecturers congratulating my friends and me. There was this one particular lecturer who actually asked a classmate to go find me and my friend Sham. We were really waylaid by her, asked us a ton of Qs which I didn’t think I could answer all of it. After answering all the Q’s and after getting some “amanat terakhir” I managed to pry myself away by saying there was a friend waiting for me :p heheh (bad boy) After returning the robes, we proceeded to get our Diplomas and after that it was “Ronggeng” time. We have this bad habit of going window shopping with the ladies. :p hehehe So we proceeded to Jalan TAR, I think we entered a lot of shop that day. SOGO, Mydin, Semua House and what nots. Me, I came out empty; my friends? They carried less money than when they got in :p
After all that fun, window shopping and stopping by at A&W for a drink, we got back to the college to pick up one last thing, our convo pictures. Yay!!!! The picture was ok, much better than how I looked in my Univ Convo pics :p So after all the stuff that I did on that day, it was time to head back to my cousin’s place. So ends day 2.
The third day was devoid of activity, the only thing that was planned that day was either to go out and watch a movie at Bukit Raja, or go out with another friend of my who is studying in IPBA. But then again it all was botched up, the reason is partly because I was tired to go to Shah Alam just for a movie, and then the IPBA friend had to suddenly go to FRIM for a research or something. So I sat at home watching episodes of “Initial D 4th Stage” and “Pimp My Ride” that was in my cousin’s comp. Also managed to call the ticket agent telling them that I’m changing my departure station from Hentian Putra to Greewood, and that was it. It was truly relaxing to have a break after all the things that I did in those two days. So I got on the bus with out any fuss and got back home safely.
DAY 4 : At Home!
So I got home at around 5 this morning, managed to get some shut eye after Subuh, then I went out with my cousin and went to get a new ping pong bat. Wohooo the bat is cool 🙂 But it caused a very BIG dent in my wallet. Oh well, it was worth it :p Can’t get another ping pong bat like it (you can but mine was custom made :p) And here I am, packing to go back to Jerek. Ahhhh just lovely 🙂 So maybe I’ll put in another entry next week 🙂 or tomorrow if the Wi-Fi at school is up 😀
Adieu :devil:
p/s: A friend & I is setting up a wifi system at school :p just for the two of us hahahahah :p

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  1. Wahh. Sungguh packed your 1st and 2nd day tu. Congratulations on your convocation dan selamat bertugas kembali! 😉

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