Past Week or The Week Past?

It all started when my school volleyball teams (under 18 male, under 15 female) won the district level competition. My name was straight away put as the manager for the district’s under 18 team. So I had to accompany my students to a centralised training. 4 boys and 6 girls made it into the district’s team.
It was a hellish training for them, they had to train from morning till afternoon, even during bad weathers. Lucky none of them got sick training in the rain. I guess they sort of build up their resistance to that. It was me who had a very bad toothache that I wasn’t very talkative to them. Then they have a strategy class at night. How to do this and that in play. I learned a bit more about volleyball during the class and their training session. How to do patterns and dummies. What is a side court covering, center covering.
Then we went early to KB and had a one day rest before the start of the tournament, I myself went to see my dentist about my tooth. The tournament was almost a disaster, with almost every team that Gua Musang failing to even get into the semi final. The saving point was that the team that I managed (under 18 male), manage to get into the semi finals and squirmed their way into getting no 3. It was a good performance for the boys as Gua Musang has not before managed to get a top 3 place before this. One small achievement but something to watch out as the boys are determined to come back and get no 1 next year. 🙂
Out of topic, I was surfing around and somehow read an article about art blogs. The weird part is I’ve never considered my blog as an art blog, (I don’t paint) or anything, but my blog is labelled as one. But I do admit it being a log of my sleeping hours ahahahah :p Read the article here “A sketch of the art blogs on the net”.

2 thoughts on “Past Week or The Week Past?

  1. :clap: congrats for the winning team and the manager, hehe!
    terer gak ye ngko. dah lame x main volley since i’ve been in career world. haha! rasa nk pekena la nnt.

  2. thanks, aku tak reti pon main, manage bebudak jer + tolong coach dia train sesikit jer… 🙂 next month baru aku jadi coach ping pong.. meheheh 🙂

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