Two Zero Zero Six

A new year has dawned upon us, what is a new year? Nothing more than a change of numbers for some, a new beginning for others, and there are still others who doesn’t even care.
For me this new year would mean that I’ll be doing something that is both old and new. I’ve have worked as a teacher before, so that is old. But this year I’ll be starting off as a certified teacher so that’s something new for me. Unlike some of my friends, the name of the school where I’ll be posted have not been disclosed. The State Education Dept. is keeping it all hush hush. I’ll only know the name of the school on the 3rd when I go to a briefing at KB.
Mentally, I think I’m ready to take on the job. Its not like I haven’t done it before. But there is always a challenge when you start at a new school. Relationship to build, trust to gain, friends to make. And most important a new set of students 🙂 But I’m actually excited to start teaching again. It’s been a while since I last entered a class (last was september). Geared up and ready to go, although.. physical preparation is almost zero right now. The text books and dictionaries are ready, but haven’t chosen a bag yet.
Wonder how the students think about English, hopefully I can’t generate some interest for English in them. Wish me luck in steering them to the right direction, and definitely I want to enjoy taking them on the ride.
So a happy new year to everyone, may this new year be prosperous, luck and fortune abound 🙂
Adieu :devil:
p/s: This is entry number 261.. how does that relate to 1st Jan 2006? 🙂

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