It Was CNY And Now Awal Muharram

It has been an enjoyable short holiday for me, though a bit tiring. Been driving off to somewhere almost everyday. One symptom of a public holiday here in Kelantan is that you would see a sudden influx of cars, which creates instant traffic jams. Something that would rarely happen if its not a public holiday (long one that is). The sudden influx of cars is usually the sons of Kelantan returning home from all over Malaysia, this you can see from the myriad of plate numbers suddenly appearing in Kelantan. When people gather in a spot, no matter how big a place it is, it will definitely cause a bit of a jam. But the CNY+Awal Muharram jam, is not as bad as the one that I had to endure during the not so recent Aidil Fitri. Still my joints hurts from playing with the pedals too much. But that is that :p
Well, since the public holiday is a bit long, lots of people have been getting married during this holiday. (Went to one such marriage just 2 days ago) People are taking advantage of the long lull to might I say, take care of business? Friends of mine have also tied the knot during this holiday; Hanan and wife did it in Ipoh, Sabariah and Amir Fariz in KL, but as usual I’m not going for the Women’s side, instead I’m going to the Men’s side only. Couldn’t really make it to both wedding, was slightly misinformed + memory loss :p And the holiday is too short that I don’t want to endure the long journey. Yes, I love travelling, but I love it when I get there, don’t really enjoy the trip in between especially since there’s nothing much to see in between.
I think I have to cut this entry short, am going to pack my stuff and start my journey back to school.
But still I want to wish the two couples a happy marriage and may it last forever 🙂
Adieu :devil:

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