Three In A Row

The other day just a week ago, I did the craziest thing in my life. I slaved all night long to finish three assignments. Managed to get it finished just in the nick of time (finished at 7.15am with a class at 8am.)
Once upon a time I would never even get this much assignments in such a short period of time. But now, juggling 2 or 3 maybe even 4 assignments in a week is a regular thing. Not to mention the presentations/micro-teaching that I have to do, the group presentation, the 2 person presentation or even the ones i have to do on my own. KPLI has taught me a lot about time management even more than my years at univ and elsewhere has taught me.
You just have got to know how to prioritize. And an organizer is always a handy thing. I still have this small notebook where i write all the things that i need to do/finish. If you can afford it.. get a pda. There are too many things which u will have to remember. I still keep forgetting my tasks eventhough i write it down as soon as i get them.
Its no wonder actually that my blood pressure is getting higher with the amount of work that I have to do. Lucky that I’m still getting my weekly exercises though I’d love to sweat more. 🙂
But for now I’m just enjoying my holidays.. though it is a short one, 3 weeks only 🙂 But still better than nothing. Till next time 🙂
p/s: I’m changing hosts again 🙂 this time to mercumaya just waiting for them to finish prepping the server for me 🙂 very nice ppls :p

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