I Am Doomed

It’s the school holidays again, just one week of it, and I’m trying to maximize the use of it. By relaxing non stop, that means more sleep for me. Which I badly need.
In Cheras I won’t have any moment’s peace. And I’m afraid the same is for me at home. Still getting calls and SMSes. The only difference is I don’t have to wake up that early to go to class. So I can extend my sleep a bit over there.
All this crazy jumble of actions is really making me tired. We have a camping 3 weeks from now (plus minus) and we were told to go at the very last minute. And was given only 1 day at College to settle everything. And the day after I was already on my way back to Kelantan. It was nice thinking that my friends are all efficient ppls. If not I couldn’t imagine leaving them to do all those tasks unsupervised.
Next week, I’ll be going for my ROS (rancangan orientasi sekolah), luckily we get to pick a place near our hometown. So that’s an extra 2 week at home. But then again, if you can see the many assignments that we need to do based on that 2 weeks at school, you’d probably burst. I myself have exactly no clue on how to go about them. Guess I have to get organized by the end of this week, or I’ll be in a tighter jam than I ever will.
Tata for now, need to go and watch some japanese serial 🙂
Adieu :devil:

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