Bummed Out

I’ve been busy for the past few weeks, seriously… the school was in an exam mode, and still is (only a few papers left). And me, basically under piles of answer scripts. Trying to mark them all before school ends, just don’t want to decrease my own holiday. And even that, the school holiday is getting considerably shorter. I have tons of wedding invitation to go to (musim mengawan ?? :p).
Speaking of weddings, another one of my cousin is getting married 🙂 This time around from my father’s side. I went to visit my grandparents alone last weekend, as my parents are not really that well (can’t handle long travels). And I sort of got pulled into her wedding’s discussion and all. I managed to butt in a few times, but I didn’t really contributed much. Perhap because I wasn’t really in the mood. My younger cousin was commenting that weddings are too much for her. And she was thinking of having hers at a hotel or something. And I told her, if wedding were a lot easier, there sure wouldn’t be such profession as a wedding planner (made famous by J. Lo). As for me, I’m just gonna bask in the delight that it’s not my time yet :p
Other than that I had a great time spending the weekend at my uncle’s and grandparent’s, went for early sahurs with my cousins for the whole time I was there. Also went running around in the afternoon looking for iftar (berbuka) treats. Thinking of doing it again… maybe next year. 🙂
I hope you guys had fun too during this ramadhan 🙂 Still a few more days to go, have fun, liven it up, may Allah bless you 😀
Adieu :devil:

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