Lip Lap Lip Lap

Time flies, or zoom? or run? whatever, I lost count of the days that I have been fasting.. all of a sudden it’s been more than a week Smile It’s all pretty mundane to me. Just a little extra tired that’s all Smile But not that a good relaxing weekend can’t repair.
The school is now in its final exam weeks. So its not that tiring, don’t really have to use my voice as much Smile Still I do have to climb those 4 floors up to watch over the kids. Trust me, I’m glad that I’m still young and have lots of energy. Those stairs can be scary if you are over your prime Razz
Lately I’ve been infatuated with watching old seasons of Stargate SG-1. This is somewhat related to the fact that they now have a spin-off show. Stargate Atlantis, and I’ve seen 10 eps of that. And it was ok. So it got me to rewatch old eps of SG-1. Now I’m currently at season 2. Working my way slowly to season 7 Smile
Of other news, the Crown Prince of Kelantan is getting married. According to The Star, to a thai national Smile We’ll wait and see what happens next as the Palace has not issued any official notice or anything.
Enjoy your fast Smile It will not last long Grin
Adieu Devil

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